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Monday, December 9, 2013

After almost 2 years, I pushed myself to go back to Rockwell Powerplant...
I wouldn't have because of old, bad and painful memories (cry me a river why don't you Jeng!LOL!) or just because it was a bit far (and traffic is a nightmare) and I don't go to Makati just because... even if my work is farther away and even if I used to frequent this mall at least 3-4x a month before.

.....But since one of my friends was back in town and pregnant, I knew I had to go and see her and meet the lucky guy and their soon to be adorable son...even if I had to endure this..and some more stuff. LOL!

Almost nothing has changed... The Christmas decor already up.. Even the old piano was still in the middle of the basement and the (expensive) fruit vendor still there. LOL!Kidding.

A few restaurants here and there were new. One that caught my eye was Hatch 22. Since we haven't tried it, we gave it a shot.
Almost 1 pm and we entered the place. It was busy and full of people. Would have wanted to have a seat on the couch but I guess a normal table would do.
While waiting for the others to arrive, we ordered on ahead. 

For drinks, O got a grilled lemonade (110Php). How can one grill lemonade? We joked.

An interesting drink. The lemon slice was actually grilled. It has a burned citrusy flavor in it.

J had their Hatch Southern Sweet Tea (90Php)
Sweet and refreshing.

I, on the other hand, got their strawberry and mango bellini (260Php)
The drink had a small punch with the sweet flavor of the mango complementing it. The strawberry was but a hint. The only problem I had with it was that the quantity. I will be honest when I say 2 mouthfuls and its all gone. What's left are mango shavings. Not worth the price.

To start the meal, I chose to have bread basket 1 (270Php).
Composed of butter brioche, cheddar milk biscuits, cranberry and walnut, dark rye, Jalapeno and Cheddar bread. The finger looking bread would be the best. It has a cheese whiz like jalapeno and cheddar filling.

I would suggest that instead of ordering a basket, why not pick the bread individually. As they bake their own bread, you would be glad to note that they are pretty fresh and have a counter where you could look.

The basket was served with  bacon jam and apple pie butter.
I don't know if my taste buds were wrong but the butter tasted normal and the jam was more like apple. Anyare?

I asked the server what can we order for pica pica. After looking for no longer existent appetizers. He suggested to have the sausage fest (485Php).
Instead of mash peas, we were served with mashed potatoes because of availability. The different sausages gave off flavors from light to heavy and char-grilled.Some were spicy while some were a bit bland.

We didn't really finish the platter because of the other stuff we got.

Kuya G had the Bacon Burger. (395Php)
Bacon GoodNESS!!!!
The problem with this would have to be that it was pretty hard to eat. It was either you hold everything and have one big bite. Or remove the top and try to cut it off. Pretty difficult to eat. Either way it is a yummy mess.

O got their Lemon Curd Chicken (480Php).
Soft and tender. A half chicken was served. The chicken meat was seasoned a little bit too much. According to O, it was overly flavored.

J wanted the cordon bleu but was informed that they had none left. So, she got the Croque Maserati (580Php). I liked how they served the dish with black caviar on top.
I am not sure though about the sous vide egg but the plate was overflowing with salmon chunks. I guess O made the best comment about the dish and I quote: "lasang isda". It was as if the sauce wasn't there. A little underwhelming and I guess it needs a bit more oomph to make an impression.

For dessert, we all agreed that this is the best dish we had for lunch.
The Jelly Doughnut (325Php)
The pancake was fluffy and soft. The syrup and the jelly used definitely helped in giving it the oomph. Totally different from the salmon, this dish was the rave of our little get together. We all agreed how we loved it.

As with any new restaurants, (Yes it is still under soft opening) there were kinks that I guess they need to fix. Like the service was a bit spotty at times. The servers didn't know that we were supposed to transfer to a different table and gave it to another group. We had to wait for an additional few more minutes. I had to follow up on a dish that were ordered way way ahead compared to the other tables that ordered and came later than us. On some times, they got it right and attended to our needs even if we didn't ask for it yet.

Price wise the place isn't the most affordable and value for money in my honest opinion. Although I would gladly pay for a great dish with the appropriate price tag, I definitely would say some of the dishes served weren't up to par in terms of quality and taste compared to other restaurants offering similar dishes. I hope they can improve on this as their concept of having all day breakfast that turns into a bar at night is definitely a welcome sight.

A few more things to note, the menu changed a few times. A few items that I wanted to try out were removed and a lot of items were not available. Example: some of the coffee we wanted to try out was not available. Also, originally they had other appetizers and 3 bread baskets rather than 2. Understandable since they are still in the soft opening phase. I think I can see myself going back after a few more months to see how they are going and if they improve.
Budget around 800Php per person for a hearthy meal. 

Hatch 22
Ground Floor
Rockwell Powerplant
Makati City

Yes I do look like a ball.. I don't know why.. maybe because of the lighting and the angle.. LOL!
It was exceptionally nice to see you guys again... It was a pleasure meeting sir O (not in pic-the one that took the pic) and of course the soon to be born baby Jeody!

Disclaimer: I paid for our food, the opinions stated here are mine alone and based on our experience.
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  1. Maybe I'll try it once their coffees are already available. :)

    1. Hi Michy!!! They have coffee naman although their special blends weren't available so I opted for Starbucks instead... ^_^

  2. Malamig na ba their aircon? :) The last time we went it was u comfortably hot pa. Hopefully they were able to remedy the situation na.

    1. Hi Mama bear!!! When we went there the aircon was problem in that department ^_^

  3. I love your blog, but sometimes you crack me up. :)
    What is so good about Cheez Whiz? It's processed cheese.
    About the fish dish - what is fish supposed to taste like? Beef? Pork?
    I'm sorry. I can't help myself. :)

    1. Hi Chino.. thanks for passing by... ^_^ uhm... if you remember pimiento or pimento cheese whiz...? it takes exactly like that ... Promise!!!! ^_^ and as for the salmon... i guess what I am trying to get at is that it lacks flavor... the sauce didn't taste like anything that would enhance or compliment the fish... I guess that is why my friend O exclaimed "lasang isda" ^_^ ... I hope this clears things up .... Please feel free on posting comments... I love reading them up ^_^

  4. I wanted to try Hatch 22 when I saw Solenn post about it on IG. But after reading your review, maybe I'll give it some time nalang muna. Been hearing mixed to mostly negative reviews about the place. Sayang, their menu seems full of potential. >.<

    PS: Can't help but comment about the grilled lemonade and your strawberry and mango bellini. Sobrang overpriced! >.<

    1. Hi sumi!!! wow you are up early!!!!!! 530am grabeee!!! yeah.. same here talagang mix kaya I wanted to try it out ... so I can judge for myself... definitely overpriced yung ibang items... ^_^ ... what I want to try in Rockwell is the newly openned Eric Kayser !!! the croissant!!!! bwhahahaha carbs overload ... if only the one in GH would open up so it would be nearer ... whew