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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tea... and more tea... Yeah.. back at that place..

To start off my 4 day weekend relaxation... I had a rendezvous with something I had missed for a long long time...
The Spa.... 

This time around, I tried their Shangri-La Branch.. 
This particular branch opened a couple of months ago...

Quite different from the other The Spa I usually go to... (Eastwood - Click and Trinoma)

More often than not, they would have a theme going for their particular branches. This one didn't. I guess they were going for a minimalist setup. 

The place is clean and sports a hotel vibe lobby.
 This particular branch only had suites for rooms and a treatment room for facials and the like.

 Since I only had a couple of free hours till my next appointment, I just went for a quick 1 hour deep tissue massage. 

I was escorted to a suite.
I liked how the beds here are bigger than their normal ones. 

Of course, they had the complete setup. Everything your would need. 
I would have wanted one with a jacuzzi like tub but since all the suites were taken, I had to be contented with a steam shower room. I was given 30 minutes to use the facilities before the massage. 
yeah super duper hottttt in here. 

A selfie of my stressed out self first..

While I was boiling in the steam room, a cup of hot ginger tea and  a glass of cold water were served.
The tea would be one that would forever remind me of The Spa. Spicy and sweet.

And off I go to dream land. My therapist Michelle made proper use of body mechanics and got me all soft up. Her touch was soft and deep. For an hour or so, I went Zzzz and got me all dreamy.

I looked like this after.
Happy and I love it.

 I was able to see a different room with their Jacuzzi type bath tub. 

Yeapsss! For love birds, friends and siblings, you could go for a couple's room and massage. 

The service is top notch. The service and the facilities were pretty much what one would expect from The Spa. Budget would definitely take a hit but it is sooo worth it to go here.

The Spa
6th level East Wing of Shangri-La.
Near Serenitea. 
Last call is around 2-3 hours prior to closing time
 (02)656 7878
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Written by Lovely

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  1. How much was the package you got? :)

    1. actually michy, I forgot lol!!! hahahahaha.. since.. all the rooms are suites... the price range are a little higher.. around 1k++ I guess. I just can't remember. LOL!