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Monday, December 30, 2013

On a lazy weekend, dad is out playing golf and my brother and mother free. So I asked if they wanted to eat out since it was my treat.. They gladly said yes. Dad, being the picky with what he eats.. freaking health buff, wasn't with us, we had the chance to try something lovely for the stomach of a foodie.LOL. 
and off we go to 
Who would have thought, I haven't been to one of Serendra's awesome restaurant. Mamou.
Mamou is also behind recovery food (click) and is just beside saboten (click) in case you get lost...

The place is quite lovely if you ask me. It isn't that big. Homey and exudes a chill yet elegant factor. The decor is definitely right for a dinner date with the SO or something like a brunch with the family.
 Once we were seated, complimentary bread were served.
 Thank God they were warm and soft and not rock hard.

The menu is quite straight forward and simple. Everything a guy would want is there. 
Drink choices were somewhat complete and not the ordinary. Thank you creativity.

Our drinks consisted of:

Dalandan Mint Shake (175Php)
The dalandan was definitely there and the mint flavor didn't overpower it. It was a perfect blend. Loved it!

My brother had their watermelon fruit slush (140Php).
 Thankfully, it wasn't watered down and it was fresh. 

I, on the other hand, tried their grapefruit spritzer (95Php)
 I soooo love the sour flavor of the grapefruit.

Enough of the drinks on to the food.

Ever since the holidays kicked in, I have been eating oily food left and right and I guess I try to eat some veggies every time I have a meal out so we started on their best seller.

We chose to try out their Healdsburg's Harvest (325Php)
A joy to eat. The greens were fresh. There were pecans and dried cranberries that complimented the berry vinaigrette. I couldn't get enough of the cranberry stilton cheese too. See the black speck on the left of the picture? That's dried cranberry and not pepper.. whew! Love it!
 Almost like Cyma's (click) roca salata without the nuts and sun dried tomatoes , it was still light and hits my spot letting you want more.

Mom was a little healthy so she tried their baked white fish (295Php).
Straight forward. A little olive oil, some capers and salt and pepper and its good to go. It was soft and light. Salty but in a right kind of way. 
Mom picked some mashed potato for sidings rather than the usual rice.

I heard a lot about their Lorenzo's truffle cream (375Php), so I got it also. 
 It was simple. I mean cream and pasta how could it not be awesome.
 No meat no shrooms just properly cooked pasta and creamy sauce. The truffle flavor was present in the right amount..Not too much... The grana padano cheese completes it. WINNER!

 But wait... see that in the background? That made my mouth speak in tongues...salivating for more...

This my friend is the star of our lunch. The RB Foie Gras Open Faced Sandwich (995PHP).
 It is prime rib with foie gras on top with gravy everywhere on perfectly toasted bread. This is a dish that definitely is simple but superb. The foie gras was cooked perfectly. It was buttery, soft and definitely luxurious. Go to hell calories and cholesterol. This is LOVE! The prime rib was tender and the bread didn't go soggy. This was the star of the meal.
 Trying to properly prolong the sandwich, try to make it last longer by making it into finger food (LOL!).

It came with the perfect side dish of fries.

The meal was definitely a surprise. With simple offerings, they definitely made things perfect. The kitchen knew what they were doing. The wait staff had great inputs on what to order. Definitely a must to listen to them. The price, although a little high, was justified. Would go back after the holidays just so I could digest the foie gras properly and get myself checked out first. LOL!

WINNER lunch!

Serendra ground floor just beside saboten
BGC, Taguig 

Paid for our meals, wrote this post based on my own opinions.
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