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Friday, December 27, 2013

What is in a name? When one asks your name, people tend to associate it with different things in your life.
whats in the box?
When one says Paul, I now remember my over stretched tummy.
After eating at Nagi (click), I was so darn full that I went around Sm Aura to at least let the food go down my digestive tract. 2 bowls of gigantic ramen isn't for the feint hearted, moreso for the bulging stomach.

 I really wasn't thinking of buying anything else, but I passed by this new bakery place. 

The smell lured me in..

So fine... I ended up getting more food.... Soooo like me right? LOL.. Actually I just wanted to get something to go as a way of giving my lil big bro something to eat. (yeah right Jeng.. we all know Jeng is your lil big bro!) LOL
Once you see the restaurant, you get to see a lot of goodies. It sort of gives that all day breakfast flair and bakery. A counter for take outs a lot of seats for dinners. Something like Wildflour (click) but with better service and a more relaxed manner and chill pace where you could actually relax...

I honestly couldn't decide what to get. The prices were a little bit on the high end but I believe quality makes up for it.
They offer freshly baked breads and a loooooooot of other baked yummies! Better to go early in the morning so that you will know that they are freshly made.
I would have liked to try the huge macarons but 250Php a pop seems a little bit off.
So instead, i got these:
A loaf of pain muesli (530Php)
Believe me.. it is so worth it! Full of nuts and fruits!

So worth it that on the way home.. I couldn't stop myself popping a slice or two.. or more because of the traffic. The smell roamed inside my car that it made me salivate.. that I couldn't control myself...
Eating while driving.. definitely a must in the metro because of the traffic.
Another loaf... Pain Noix Moule (210 Php) or bread with walnuts..
For nut lovers, this is a steal.
Pardon my cute and chubby bread loving fingers..
Light, crunchy outside and soft inside. Love this with butter!

Remember how I said that I will be buying for my lil big bro... I actually did it. I am a good kuya btw... 

I got him a ham and cheese sandwhich.
A little pricey at 195 Php. Its basically just ham and cheese.
So plain.. yet my brother enjoyed it. Maybe they could have placed in some veggies right??

Now on to the dessert...
A pair of eclairs. 

I liked .... the eclair cafe nature (150Php)
this loooooong semi-hard yet soft and gooey and coffee like taste in my mouth.
See the fillings... it made me ooooooh and ahhhh... Not too sweet just right..
that I had to bite it at both ends just to savor it a little longer...

I skipped the other one (tartelette fraises.. the one with the strawberries 210PHP)... because this was all my mouth wanted... too bad I only got a piece..

Of course, when you go to Paul... this other chochaletyy piece of art would really entice you to give up your diet...
tartelette chocolat (210PHP)
See how goeeeey it was... I can't stop saying gooeeey because it wasss!! OMG!!!
It wasn't too sweet but you could really taste the chocolate. It was as if you were drinking it. 
Definitely a must try at paul.

I figured that Paul is a welcome sight in the metro. Definitely a go to place if you want high quality baked goodies and not being stressed to go and hurry yourself....

Ground floor 
Sm Aura
Another branch would open up at Bench Tower in BGC.
Talk about location. I wished they could have opened one up north.
but thanks to Bench for bringing Paul in town.. now if only Kayser would open up already !!!
Disclaimer: I paid for the food, I made this post based on my opinions.

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  1. The loaves look really delicious, but macaroons for Php 250 each? I'll skip it.

    1. The loaves were sulit.... some of the desserts were over priced though... and the macarons definitely cost a silver penny!! grabe