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Friday, January 3, 2014

"We want wings! We want wings!!! Oily and calorific filled goodies!"
and with those simple words... we ended up eating here....
I  haven't really tried this place.. as our usual go to wing place is Hooters (dad's fav). Since my cousins wanted some..on the night of Christmas day... eh di ibigay ang gusto. Hahaha!
 Located in Newport, it is nestled along with different restaurants. It is in a small strip of restos in an area called Butterfly Garden, Newport. It is definitely worth the time to go back and checkout or just chill at the different food establishments there.

Once we got to the place, we were seated inside. Not really that big of a place. The menu was handed to us. It was extensive for a wing place. It had burgers, a lot of wings, and a lot more. And yes..wings are their specialty.

We started off with nibbles.
 Fries at 130php.
They were cooked right and were gone in seconds.. Okay fine a couple minutes. 

We also had some onion rings (130PHP)
Huge crunchy and onions... can't get better than this.

We went there for the wings. We got 2-one dozen wings but we opted to split them into 4 different flavors. But first, we needed to prepare for the upcoming battle.
Plastic gloves for when we want to use our hands.

The first dozen had lemon pepper (bottom) and hickory (top).
The hickory bbq flavored was sweet, rich and smokey. It reminded me of baby back ribs. Finger licking time for this. Awesome! 
The lemon pepper was citrusy and was kind of a dry rub. It was crunchy but the flavor was a little more wanting.
Next up...
This one had garlic parmesan (top) and their classic buffalo-medium spice (bottom)
The garlic parmesan tasted a little bland for me but I guess its all right. I sensed potential in it. 

 The classic buffalo was the awesome winner of the night. With choices of heat level, we being sore losers chose the lowest level-medium. It was spiced just right and tasted awesome.  Phenomenal! I would definitely go back there for these babies. Crunchy and oily...and tasty.. RICE PLEASE!  

 BTW... this is my cousin ATE J and she's from out of town.. and

 Here is how she wing it.

 STEP 1: Use your hands..Take a bite.
STEP 2: Be surprised with the flavor.
 STEP 3: Let the flavor swirl in your mouth. Use your tongue!
 STEP 4: Take another big bite
 STEP 5: Think if you will lick the bone dry
 STEP 6: Yeah definitely slurp it down to the bones.

Definitely a cool hung out place. I believe they serve different beers and other "bar chow" that could rock your night. The service was fast and decent. If you are looking for a chill place would definitely suggest this one. Not too crowded and with awesome wings. Budget around 300-400 per person for a heavy meal!

and off we go to Tagaytay and yes we reached Batangas just for a joy ride that night.. who would have thought everyone had the same idea and all the restos, Starbucks (click) (line all the way to the outside... no way..) and establishments there were full! Hahaha! Ow well.. next time.. next time.

Butterfly Garden in Newport
Pasay City.
Disclaimer: We paid for our meals. I wrote this based on my experiences.

part of their menu:
Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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  1. Will definitely give this a try! Galing, ang daming flavors! \m/

    1. Yes po mama bear! They have a branch in collective, makati ... But I am waiting for is their acacia estate branch where its spacious and has a more chill factor ^_^