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Monday, February 10, 2014

Giving 2nd chances. I believe in it. Who wouldn't? 
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A few months ago a small breakfast place opened up in the buy food area near UP. I had visited visited it a couple of times like here: click . The first was awesome. A couple of weeks later not so. 

Fast forward to the present, I figured why not give it another try.

C, part of the runaway trio (click), came home from SG for a couple of weeks vacation in Boracay. I got her from the airport early in the morning and had chika chika all throughout the ride back north. SHE WAS SUPER PAYAT!!! HAGGARD LOOK! ANO NGYARI!!!!>???  We picked up K for a little breakfast reunion too. When I saw her, she was also a little thinner than before!! I mean ... mas lalo silang pumayat... ANO NGYARI SA INYO?!?! SERYOSO! So I figured.. we need to eat a lot! LOL! And since we didn't have a lot of time (and we were super hungry...), we opted to just have one near.

Started with some milk cereals (145Php). We had the fruit loops as it was the only one available.
After a few times of visiting, they finally had one available early in the morning. It tasted what it should be. Milk and fruit loops! Great for mornings.

After pushing C and K to order... (since they know I love ordering a lot..), C chose the Kitayama Wagyu Beef Sirloin Tapa (225Php).
 She loved and finished it. 

K got their The Banana Nutella Cream Cheese Waffles (145Php). Crunchy exterior. Soft inside.

Now, I wanted to let them try the lot and I want them to be healthy!!! So I ordered a π platter  (625Php)
 Loved the fries and the corned beef. Only problem was the corned beef had a lot of fats and less on the beef itself. Didn't also like the sausages' garlicky and dry flavor. Maybe they could change the sausage to spam instead. C liked the bacon as it was crunchy and filling. Stayed away from the veggies.

 And of course their specialty, the caramelized spam (245Php).
C and K liked the sweet flavor. Fortunately, unlike last time, the egg was runny inside. Perfectly cooked. WHEW!!! Thank you Lord!

Even after telling me that we I ordered a lot , we still managed to finish the dishes. See? Tama lang ang inorder ko! Bwahahaha!

Unlike my other visit, the food seemed better now and served faster. Better outcome too. Service was excellent. Although compared to my previous visit of a rushed, jam packed early morning Saturday, this time we were there on a relaxed non peak breakfast service. Hope they could sustain this even at peak hours.

 More over than this 2nd chance, it was totally awesome to see my 2 girl friends again. 
K and C.
Okay.. this pic was taken around a year ago more or less.. and I can't help but say that they were more sexier back then.. kasi pumayat sila ngayon!!! bwhahahahah! Di bagay..~!! Peace guys.. you know how much I love you! LOL!

π Breakfast place
Opens at 7am
Besides Pino and Pipino (same owners)
Maginhawa Area (Teacher's Village)
Quezon City
Parking is a hassle during Peak Hours
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