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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nope it wasn't the flowers that got my attention... It was the perfect ratio of meat to fat to crunchy exterior....

One Saturday lunch, I was invited by Michy, (I am dekaphobic) to go with her to a buffet... and when I heard buffet... my tummy instantly said yes. You see, when it comes to buffet... it spells one thing... DIET, rather.. SEE-FOOD DIET!
Nestled in a residential area near Tomas Morato, Primero Casa Filipino is your neighborhood buffet establishment. Unlike most restaurant in the area, this one has a huge parking space, lovely nature filled facade and is transformed from an ancestral home. 

The place had a huge seating capacity and the place was jam packed that Saturday. A huge crowd poured in at around 12. Definitely a good place to host a party or something like a post event for a lot of friends and coworkers.

After waiting for Michy to arrive..we were able to get tables on the 2nd floor just because the place was full!
We were with fellow foodies. Allen and his girlfriend that day and it was a joy to share a meal with them.

We were served with  Malunggay Shake (78Php).

Yeah you read that right... MALUNGGAY!!! Damn! Believe me when I say that it is awesome. It really was good. Made with honey, and I taste some pineapple in it.. Not sure but it was awesome... It wasn't that sweet either. It has no veggie flavor whatsoever.

Now here comes the different treats that I took note of....there were a lot of other things on the spread but... I guess these made impact on me... I know.. shallow me. LOL!

For Appetizers:
A slice of ham with some spread on top of toasted bread. Simple and yummy... same goes with the next one.
Sisig in wanton wrappers. These were spicy and crunchy. A good beer match.

And the Mains:

Chili Crabs. They served huge crabs with lots of legs to open up. The sauce was okay but the meat availability was there.

Oxtripe Kare-Kare... If you know me, I love Kare-Kare and yes I could eat it everyday. This definitely made me smile...The sauce wasn't watered down and they served a looooooot of oxtripe... YUMMY!

Would have went back and forth and back and forth the buffet table if I wasn't with fellow foodies. LOL!

And yes.., they also got a little carving station.

The roasted angus beef was a surprise. I was thinking that it would be dry and chewy but believe me it wasn't. The meat is soft and flavorful. This made the buffet alone sulit.
Remember the picture up top? It was the caprichon. It was like lechon kawali but definitely less oily and the meat is there and appropriate with the fat. Not to mention that the skin was crunchy!
Got a sweet tooth? Desserts:

 Palitaw or sticky rice.
and some assorted cakes and fruits
but what I liked was the soft served ice cream they had.
EPIC FAIL! I know right? I couldn't make it swirl... Waaa!

Let me just discuss the ANATOMY of my BUFFET PLATE...
Although I only have one to show you....
The 50-50.
50% carbo and 50% Meat! This has got to be my favorite. Don't ever go to a buffet and not get what you want! LOL!
and yes.. go get a 2nd plate.. this time go for the things that you liked.

Honestly speaking, I was surprised with the quality and the offerings of the buffet based on the price range it was in. The food was generally made for the Filipino taste buds.The service was great and we were well taken cared off even if the place was full. The food was replenished as soon as it was almost out. No waiting time for refills. This could be a good alternative buffet place if you are looking for something homey and well within budget. 

Thank you very much Primero Casa Filipino and Ms. Gero for having us.

Primero Casa Filipino
26 Scout Torillo St., Sacred Heart, Quezon City 
(02) 9212448

Buffet Price:
Monday- Thursday 398Php 
Friday-Sunday 498Php
They also offer packages for events.
P.S. Believe it or not, their cocktails only cost around 98Php and yes they have a bar area and happy hour!
Disclaimer: Was invited to this event. Opinions here are mine.
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