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Friday, February 14, 2014

Back at my Happy Place....
 Yes... carbs carbs makes me happy... and fresh bread makes me jump with joy...

On a leisure Thursday morning , I had the opportunity of eating breakfast with a friend. It wasn't really a date.. or maybe it was.. I didn't know so what the heck... we went on over here just to get our fill.. and enjoy ourselves. Since I was craving and even if I went here a number of times (click) but really didn't stay and eat. So what the heck... I had her try the place out.
Playing around...
The place didn't change a bit. Still small with a few seats on their 2nd floor and a couple of tables outside.

Ordered from the counter and got these babies:

1st up Blimpie
The veggies were fresh and the chicken meat was proper and cooked fine. I just didn't like the bread that much. Maybe I should have asked them to do it on a bagel since this is a bagel shop! LOL!
The Bialy with LOX.
I could have this for breakfast everyday. The lox was amazing and the caramelized onions helped it out.

They also have an awesome dessert menu.
I got some pineapple turnover as a present for my mom..and my tummy!
Soft in the center and crunchy and caramelized on the exterior. The pineapple was sweet and yummy! Bought two of these babies just so my mom won't get in a fight with my tummy.

I never ever get tired of bagels and of LES. Budget around 200 php/ person. Not bad in this part of the city. Tip: Get some bagels and a spread separately and have it split with your friends.

Tuscany Residences, Upper McKinley Road, McKinely Hill
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

Disclaimer: Paid for our meals and posted my own opinion.
P.S. Here are some of the interesting restaurants that would open in Tuscany.

A Breakfast store...

Detoxify Bar.. for all your veggie needs. OMG!

Bag O Shrimps... Its already Feb and it still hasn't opened yet. I hope it opens up soon.

A burger place.. woooo tempting! Please Please open now na!!

Can't wait for them to open so we could try up their dishes.
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