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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Huge spacious lobby.
One sleepless morning, I found myself in a hotel in the middle of Makati... (eeeek Makati!). To think, I went to Makati alone and I drove there. Must be something special as I said before, I never did like going here especially if I am alone and driving my other car.. eeeeeek!

It was a Tuesday morning, I found myself crawling all the way to Makati and having no sleep makes me really groggy. I saw myself taking a chance and making a giant leap. 

You see a couple of days before that, I was asked to go to a meeting with potential future employers. I wasn't expecting an interview that quick since I was slated for an April Job Fair. But since I wanted and needed something more than my present status in life, I told myself to go for it. I wasn't going to loose anything. They were going to pay for everything if I got a job offer. I won't even need to shell out any expense. They will take care of everything. From immigration to airfare to allowances and reimbursements. Sound cool right? Well I don't have anything to loose so I went there and gave it a shot. I mean there was only a day or two to prepare but what the heck. No pain no gain....
Fast forward to the day itself....
Cozy Mad Men vibe...
I was an hour early, I went in and had breakfast on my own. I wasn't really into a buffet so I chose to eat in their lounge. 
The place has more of a Mad Men vibe. Old school 70-80's feel was the kind the lounge was giving away. 
Anyway, all I wanted was coffee, but since I saw their menu, I knew I had to try out something more... 
(and I didn't have breakfast righhht???)

So I went with their continental breakfast.  You get to pick 3 out of a possible 5 selections.
I first got their muesli.
 It was wet and oaty and yummy ! I loved the bits of raisins and nuts.Healthy breakfast !!!
The next part of it was a bread selection.
 The croissant was disastrously dry and hard. Needless to say, I skipped the rest of this bread basket.
 and lastly a home made mango orange yogurt.
No bits just flavor
 The service of the staff was there since I was the only one in the lounge. The price was normally high as it was in a hotel. Everything was good except for the bread basket. I think I should have asked them to change it as it was epicly dry and well not for the bread lover.

And as for what happened with my job interview... well.... just wait for my future posts... LOL

 The Lounge at the New World Hotel
G/F Lobby New World Hotel
Makati City.

 Dislcaimer: Paid for my meals. Wrote this based on my own experience.

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  1. Uy ang healthy, nasa maling blog ba ko? hahahaha. Kidding! :P

    1. Hahahaha!! I am so sorry who are you? hahaha Wrong Blog talaga!! LOL! hahahahaha :D :D :D.. minsan lang yan.. back to normal programming sa friday LOL!

  2. Ganon? amay suspense talaga! Spill na baby bear. Text me. Are you in or out??? Please don't leave!!! :'((

    1. relax lang mama bear... :D :D :D .. secretong maluphet come back on Friday na lang bwhahahahaha JOKE JOKE JOKE!! Ill text you po mamaya..sleep mode po ulit ako I came from a sleepless night.. too much coffee and tea...bwhahaha.. nyt nyt.. ..