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Monday, February 24, 2014

Wouldn't it be nice if every single guy had a date last Vday? Or maybe every V day?

Well.. Yeah as for me... I did sort of... My family. LOL!

Singleness strikes again.
Good thing we ate at nice quiet resto just off Tomas Morato...
At least Julia Child had it right

Been here a couple of times before with good old friends..... This time I was here with my family... So when would the time come when I would go here with a date ??? Hayyy.. LOL... at least I can go on eating and be busog...No manners to watch over. LOL

The place was pretty full. Its basically a house turned into a resto. They got a whole lot for parking and had valet too. The whole inside got reservations and so we ate al fresco.. wouldn't you know it.. it was my dad's first time to eat outside... Him being maarte and all.. LOL!
Anyway started the night with some mocktails. 
Tosca (120Php)

It was made with ginger, lime soda and apple juice
Next up is the Rio (120Php)

Made with mint leaves, grapefruit and soda. Since I had an affinity to grapfruits, I liked this very much.
I also went on ahead and tried one of their cocktails. A california dream (195Php)
Vodka, Amaretto, orange and apple juice.  It was a little too strong for me.

For starters we had a couple of dishes that would really whet your appetite. LOL!
We went off with pesto fries (220Php)
Although the serving was on the small side, I definitely loved this! Gone in 60 seconds.

Dad keeps on ordering fish and chips (220PHP) every time we would go out. So naturally he ordered one.

Made with beer batter, this was crunchy and suprisingly better than other fish and chip resto.
I also ordered tartufo pasta (260Php).
Basically, their take on carbonara with truffle and mushroom involved. 

For mains we had a loooot. See!!! I wanted to be busog and not mind a single lonely heart...
 We had the beef salpicao (320Php) first.
The meat was perfectly cooked and yet it was amazingly soft and tender. This dish was wiped out instantely!
Since I looooove kare kare (350Php), I ordered one too.
Everything I wanted and more was in it. The kare-kare wasn't diluted and definitely yummy. It was great for carbo loading... which apparently I am doing everyday.. (damn see food diet! LOL)
My little bro had ordered Rosemary Chicken (360Php).
The 1/2 chicken was "herby" according to my bro. The meat wasn't dry and definitely good for two already! Just add another rice. The meat was also well seasoned and proper for a growing kid.
He also had ordered crispy tofu squares (180Php).

This didn't taste like tofu at all. It had a sort of chicken nugget feel to it. It wasn't that oily and the oyster sauce made it a dish any non vegetarian would love to eat!
Mom, on the other hand, tried out their tapa benedict (350Php).
I must say that she enjoyed it tremendously. Although the tapa underneath was a little sweet, everything else was perfect. The egg wasn't over cooked and as such the yolk was runny... YUMMM!!!
In case you wouldn't believe me, I took a picture of it. THAT my friend is how an egg should be!!!

The service was excellent even if we were seated at the far end of the al fresco section and even if the resto was full. The food was quick and properly served. The food price are fair to say the least. I mean, where can you get a proper dish in the Tomas Morato area for around 200-300 bucks? Not to mention that the food tasted great!....

Lola Cafe+Bar
Somewhere near Tomas Morato,
Its a secret. Quezon City.
Okay fine its : 99 Scout Lozano Near Scout Tuazon
(somewhere in the vicinity of a comedy bar and a crab resto) 501 2620

Paid four our meals, Wrote this post based on my experience.

Thanks Bro for helping me take the food shots. 
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  1. Awww. I'm intrigued with this resto. We should go there to try the desserts! :)

    1. michyyyyy I would have their mains for dessert!! bwhahahaha!!!!!

  2. Psssstttt! Tumataas na ang ranking mo. Very impressive baby bear! *clap clap clap. Wag mo akong kalimutan pag #1 ka na ha! Btw, ang hirap naman puntahan yang mga restos mo. HONG LOYOH!!!

    1. Nyhahahahaha Mama bear,,,, di naman po.,, di katulad po ninyo!!!!! Kayo na!!!! ^_^ .... nyhahahahaha eh alam mo naman mama bear.... malapit lang sa amin to hahahahaha around 5 mins off the tomas morato rotonda ^_^

  3. I've never been here but my oh my the food looks soooooo yum!!

    1. Hi Camille!!! uhm honestly the food is good and the prices are reasonable... if you are up for an adventure I suggest you try them for dinner one of these days... I enjoyed all my visits with them ^_^