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Friday, February 28, 2014

Coming off from a so-so breakfast at The Lounge (click), I went to the job interview with guns blazing (hopefully). I think. LOL! Honestly though, I didn't know how I fared. I had no sleep so I was a little messed up! Who wouldn't be right? 

  The interview process was somewhat different from the usual we have in companies based in Manila. It was somewhat fast paced and yet introduced group dynamics with individualism. At first, we were in a batch that talked about different things that might be a hindrance in our eventual migration for work. We were placed in front of a pair of high ranking personnel that covers the whole country we were aiming for... One was the head for human resources and talent acquisition while the other was the head of operations for the entire country. Usually, it would have been a regional director and the like but damn! Furthermore, we were asked certain things from managerial level decision making to proper work ethics and so on. After such, we were asked to have individual interviews that show cased our grasp on a specific situation. All the way from the theoretical to the actual way of dealing. Needless to say... 

 Nose bleed! Galore!   

Anyway fast forward to the food... This is a food post diba???

So, went on in and dig in.... I did!!! Stress eating!!
You know you are in a treat when you see their head chef getting hands on at the past station...
Of course, went on ahead to the grilling area! Where you can get your steaks, lambs and other fresh seafood done anyway you like them.
I had a lamb.. :D cooked the way I liked it.
Also had some these crawlers...

 and some oysters too...
 They also served some roasted chicken and some other roasted meats for their carving station...
 I skipped the other pizzas and dishes...
 I went straight for the Japanese area after the grill.
 It is always a good sign when you see them making fresh tempura...
and some other sushi's too...
 For the Chinese lovers, they also offer make your own noodle soup, dimsum and other dishes.
 What would a buffet be without cheese and bread... (I skipped the salads.. hehehe..)
 Aside from all of these, they still had a Filipino Section, some Indian Cuisine and other Mediterranean Dishes..
For dessert, there were a lot of choices (but not like Spirals.. duh...) They offered the usuals from crepes, to ice cream and different sweet goodness! What I liked was that the dessert chefs were really engaging and suggested what to get and what are the winners.
 Dessert Fruit sushis...
 Home made Chocolates.
 Cheese cakes

My plates:
Fresh and suprisingly good.

I got lamb since it was my favorite meat.. cooked right! Not tough...

Make your own noodles.

Fresh baked oysters... Lovely

Some sweets that I fancy.
The place is definitely a place to relax and chill. The place isn't as big as Cafe Ilang-Ilang (click) but could be a competitor in the busy City of Makati. If you are in Makati, this could be worthy of a visit. For the price, it was all right and worth it. Noting that it was a weekday and the place was full, made me think that yes it is a good place to get a good meal. The service was excellent. The chefs were engaging and rather helpful in the choices you will make. They tell you whats good as they should.

Now back to my story, short version, I was a little nervous and quite flimsy as I hadn't had sleep for almost 24 hours... and yet with God's graces, I got in. Whew! Now all that's left is to complete my list of requirements, wait... and see how it goes. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Signed the contract..and now the waiting begins.. Thank you Lord for the graces and the blessings. AMDG.

Cafe 1228
G/F New World Hotel, Makati
Buffet Restaurant. 

Disclaimer: The meal was courtesy of my future employers (naks) and the post is based on my own opinion.
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  1. Woah, you're leaving? Unahan mo pa ko? :'(

    1. dipa michyyy ano ka ba mauuna ka pa.. daming paperworks eh wbahahahahahaha so relax papakainin mo pa ako sa sg >_<