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Friday, March 21, 2014

Isn't it nice to have a quick resto that serves great and awesome for our movie treats?

When watching a movie, its really important to have the best food available to munch on. Of course! Sometimes popcorn and hotdogs aren't just enough!!!

But first, you got to go to an AWESOME Movie House something that uses the most advance technology.. like let's say Dolby Atmos in Greenhills. 

Wouldn't you know, there's a booth there to allows you to register to ZAP. Its free and it gives you cash back on movies and restos and a lot more. (10% on the movie!! SULIT!!)
 Just register and input your cellphone number and that is all you need. And yes.. this isn't paid advertisement.. I just saw it fit to spread the word because it is so damn useful and its for free!!! Not just for movies but even other establishments around the metro!!!
After getting tickets to a bloody awoo awooo movie! (300 without King Leonidas)
My family and I chilled and stay at a straight forward snack restaurant in disguise. MUNCHTOWN!

With the same guys behind Green Pastures (click, click ), you know that this place would carry a punch!
Not really a seat down affair, you order and pay at the counter and they make the food fresh! and then the serve it up! (and yes they deliver in the cinema!)

Since we had ample time to wait for our movie, we had our food there.
We got 2 kinds of fries. FRESH!!!! (they have a lot to choose from and i mean a lotttttt!!!)
Poutine!!!!!! Cheese and gravy! Something one would really love!!!!
Truffled variant!!!
Rather than getting a burger, we had sliders!!!
Made with angus, the burgers are deadly and filling. Something worth getting from their menu..
Also get a pizza...
Prosciutto and arugula... Not really the best one but for the price range its in the league...

They also serve some Arizona Iced Teas and a lot more. For the pricing and the quality of the food, I would definitely go back here even if I wasn't watching a movie!.... 
Upper Ground Level.. Beside the move entrance.
Promenade 3, Greenhills, San Juan

Dislcaimer: Paid for our meals; wrote this based on our experience. This is not a paid advertisement.

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  1. Huhuhu sana may ganyan din kami! Inggitera much! ;))

    1. mama bear naman!!! may black pig at caviar nga kayo eh.. kami wala waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Now I realize I haven't been to Greenhills for quite a long time. hahaha.

    1. Yes michy.. you are an oldie and that you haven't to GHILLZ in a long long time even if its a stone throw away from work! LOL! hahahahahah PEACE!!! ... we should go!!!!