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Monday, March 24, 2014

 Hungry and tired... back from a looong looong journey down south over the weekend.. I looked for a quick place to eat. somewhere not that pricey but not fastfood..

Hungry! Hunger! A feeling one must never feel.... After a long weekend down south.. (more of that in my latter posts...) I was extremely weak. I didn't have the strength I had a couple of days back... with the traffic and the long drive.. DAMN! SUPER! 
Thankfully I got near my place still alive and took a quick food detour because I know I didn't have anything to eat at home.
The place was super full! I was greeted by their staff and pointed me to the back. Good thing there was parking space there and underneath the building.
I chose to eat alfresco since there was a breeze and the place was packing.

Started with their hot calamsi drink. It is something that soothes the throat! Not too sweat...
Helped my sorethroat .. would go back just to get this!!!
Yup.. I did it again...  I actually over ordered because I would be having them for breakfast!!!

Starting with their Chami Special, Chami is a pancit or noodle variant usually being based from Lucena, in Quezon Province.
 It actually reminds me of the yakisoba in Tokyo Tokyo but it was more juicy and had more stuff in it.

 Since I love shrimps, I got their Camaron Rebosado
 Medium sized prawns; fried with home made batter served with sweat and sour sauce. 

Since I was actually eating, I needed some rice. The  Lido Se-Po Rice is the rice meal that gives a lot of varieties since it lets you try the different varieties of meat they serve.
YES there is EGG!!! Plus kawali, chorizo and their asado!
 Since I was looking for more ways to clog my artery (LOL!), I also got an order of fried wanton
 crunchy and certainly a good snack.
 The staff was really accommodating and had everything panned out. They were able to answer my different questions. The food was all right and for the price and quality and taste (It came fast, hot and fresh.), I could always have this as a place for a quick snack . The fact that its 2-3 minutes away from my place and that they deliver, means a lot since right now since, my mom aka the cook, is out of town for a vacation along with my bro.... waaaaaa!!!! Iniwan kami ni dad... pambihira!!

Budget around 300 Php per person.  

Commonwealth Avenue (just after St.Peter Church)
 Quezon City.
 **got parking underneath the building and at the back..***

Disclaimer: paid for my meal. wrote this based on my own opinion and experience.

P.S. Pardon the grainy pics, just used my phone and the lighting wasn't that good.
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    1. would it be bad if i said yes??? LOL ... well it was from dinner all the way for breakfast and snack LOL hahahahaha

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    1. OPO mama bear..., grabeeeeeeee tapos hindi pa namin nagawa ung mga gusto kong gawin :( no swimming, no caviar .... hay... kapagod... nagkasakit pa kami... kulang ang ubernight hehehehe