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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This well known burger joint is now in Katipunan.

 The place is located on the second floor of a small building. It is just after Pizza Hut along Katipunan Street. It is fronting The Ateneo. If I am not mistaken, it only opened less than a month ago. The place inside isn't that big. It only seats around 42 (yes i counted). Good thing it has cool aircon and attentive staff. It was more of a canteen like feel. At least, the servers were taking the orders and were bringing the food to the tables rather than having to line up at the counter.

My choice the jawbreaker.
 I had locked jaw when I tried biting into this one. It had bacon and spam added to its beef patties. During the course of my munching, some of the beef just couldn't handle it and they fell. I think I need to work on my burger eating technique.
Yes I ate with my hands!

Ultimate burger
This 1/4 pound burger had mushroom and bacon in it. According to my mom, it was all right.
The jackhammer is 1/2 pound burger patty that had mozzarella and cheddar. Yes my bro ate this and finished everything.
My mom ordered some wings.
Avoid the wings. Although it tasted okay. Not spicy and a little sweet, the chicken pieces were too small.

The cheese fries was alright. We were a little full already here but what the heck we tried dessert.
We had the deep fried snickers and mars. Seriously, where could you go wrong there? The snickers were spot on.

I just didn't know which one is which.

I had an okay time with Zark's. It wasn't the best and wasn't an awful place to eat burgers. Maybe I just expected a little more zing factor. Because of the artery clogging food here, I think it would be a long time before I would go back.

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  1. *attentive staff

    1. WHEW!!!Okay okay you got me there :D LOL! Thanks .. At least someone is reading what I wrote. :D

  2. hows the price?? is it worth it??

    1. Hi mySky :D Well in terms of pricing, it is affordable. Compared to other burger places, the price is 1/3 cheaper. Of course taste wise would be different too. You get what you pay for. Other burgers from different higher end places cost a lot more but tastes better. The food here is oily, greasy and super duper heart attack inducing. I would have to say that if you are a student, well the food here is sulit and worth it. :D I had to stay away from dinner because I was too full. LOL!

    2. its like 250 for jawbreaker :) 500 for tombstome :D

  3. How can I go there coming from LRT Katipunan? Thanks!

    1. From Lrt katipunan station, you may take a cab going north bound on katipunan and take the uturn slot infront of ateneo gate3. From there, the store would be at the roght side just after pizza hut (infront of the Ateneo)

  4. from the LRT go to Katipunan road, there's a mini stop there where you can get a trike. :)

  5. Replies
    1. Yeps.. As far as I know it is. So no worries about it :D :D :D

  6. Replies
    1. There is actually infront .... And some at the back ... Although its quite hard because they share it with different establishment s