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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

OMG! Ang init!!!!
You know its summer when you know the fan ain't cutting it. You sweat like a pig and it ain't stopping. Thankfully, McDonald's is just a stone throw away where ever you are in Manila and they offer some simple alternatives to cool off. 

Having access to aircon 24/7 can be a norm for the rich kids and the well off families out there this summer. But for the simple person with a limited budget, being able to savor rich, decadent and cold dessert is already a treat in itself that  makes the heat go away. 
Good thing McDonald came up with new affordable and innovative desserts.
The newest flavor of McFlurry would be the Sans Rival.
 Every bite reminds you of that dessert you used to steal every time there is a party. It is so addicting that even Jill of The Food Scout can't stop herself from finishing the entire cup.

In addition to this new McFlurry, they added 2 different variations for the McFloat. Personally, I don't like mixing ice cream with coke but just this once, I made an exception.

 On the left is the Tiramisu Coke McFloat. Every sip gives off a hint of coffee. This would be enjoyed by those caffeine addicts! On the right would be the Black Forest Coke McFloat. It is cherry flavored mixed with chocolate. Honestly, I don't eat black forest cake so I am not into its flavor.
I don't know if I am weird but I looooove fries on ice cream. I love dipping it. and slurping the ice cold cream along with the salty flavor of the fries. I guess I am happy like that. The next time you do get a cup of ice cream why not try it? Just my 2 cents on how to properly eat McDonald's Fries. LOL
 and you know what happens to me when I get my fries and ice cream...
Fear the beard but love the fries!!!
 I smile so hard that I can't control it. LOL!

 P.S. Thanks a lot Mica for the invite.
Disclaimer: I was invited to this blogger event to try out the new flavors. I wrote this based on my own opinion.
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