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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

 It started with a friendly movie date and went on a
I am heartbroken.  To say the least, it pains me that I have this situation with another person who I taught was and still is a friend. I mean once is okay. Twice is on the border but thrice.. Gosh and all in the span of a week... I have never been so insulted in my life. Below the belt. Grabe. Forgive my drama-food post but I just had to let it all out because it is eating me inside out.

I guess what is worst is that I always see this person almost everyday and it pains me to remember what she did. Even my family, friends, and past relationships never ever did something like that to me. I am not angry at her. Heck I like her as a friend and I always try to be patient with her. I always tolerate her seemingly childish ways.
  I am just angry at the THINGS she did and said. I guess she doesn't understand what she did wrong and believes that the ends justify the means. I guess she didn't understand and doesn't know that sometimes the manner as to which you show concern is important and must not be in an insulting way. Sadly, it didn't go out right and the "result" wasn't what she wanted. I guess she didn't think things through and prepared for the consequences of what she said and did. I am just hoping everything turns back to normal. I guess that is all I can pray for. God Bless her. 
Enough of the drama... and on to the good memories... that is what I think I must write and aim to remember.. Good Memories.

One Saturday night, I picked her up at Shangrila for a movie date in Greenhills. Believe it or not, she has never been to Shangrila nor has she been to Greenhills. She hails from a far away land down south and has been in the metro for a few years but focused on work and studies and thus she has less social life, I guess and is more of a homebody with McDonalds as the place to eat at when she finds the time to reward herself.....
 Anyway got to Greenhills from Shangrila in record traffic time,  I wanted to try out Katsu Sora but I picked her up late because she left late and the traffic didn't help so the place was full and yes we were LATE!
Ended up with another Japanese Resto worthy of a visit. Tampopo.
It fits her request of trying out sake. So, after waiting for a vacant table, we had a bottle of Nama Sake (420Php)
We asked it to be served cold.. although warm/hot would also hit the spot.
She never tried had alcohol before, and wanted to give sake a go. I asked her if she was actually willing to drink with me. She said yes. She was at ease. All right, I just warned her as it might kick her as it was her first time taking some in. Plus the fact that she might not finish it. She described it as "lambanog" in smell but for me it wasn't. It had a weak punch compared to tequila and tasted pure and simple. But it still made her woozy.

When I asked the waiter, he suggested some appetizers. So I got some Sui Gyoza (150Php) for us to try.
 They have two options here. Either fried or steamed. Tasted normal for me. The skin was a little thin. Tasted all right. Not that good nor that bad.
 Since they served ramen, I asked for Black Pig Shabu Ramen (390Php)
 The noodles were firm. The broth was milky and definitely delicious. I mixed the broth with the rice as it adds to the flavor. Yummy!
 Since she was a behemoth rice eater, she would never allow us to eat at a restaurant that doesn't serve rice. No rice means no meal for her. So, she got an order of Chicken Cutlet Set (340Php/230Php ala Carte)
 The chicken meat was tender and the serving was enormous. The breadcrumbs used from Hokkaido definitely differs from the one Yabu or other restaurant uses. I guess the texture and the taste preference would differs from person to person. It is like asking which do you prefer: a sunny side up or a scrambled egg.

On the other hand, I got the cheese layer cutlet set (460Php/ 350Php ala Carte)
 Although not that cheesy compared to Kimukatsu (click) , I enjoyed this dish.
 My only gripe was that the meat was not that enough. I mean thinking of the price difference of the chicken and this dish, one would assume that I would have a large quantity of cutlet. Unfortunately, I finished the set with just one bowl of rice. Damn!!! I think I should have went with another order. Don't get me wrong the taste is awesome and at par with the different katsu restaurants in the metro. It is just that it the quantity was lesser than what I had expected. It was bitin.
Since we ordered sets, we were served with fruits and miso soup and unlimited servings of rice and cabbage. One thing she and I both enjoyed was the watermelon. It was sweet and refreshing.
 and yes, they also had the usual dressings for the deep fried katsus and for the cabbage.

The service was great and fast. The wait staff were willing to please. The place is a little bit small. It could get cramped. If you are paying with a credit card, no worries about fraud because they do it right in front of you. They bring the card reader and they let you check if they entered the right amount. Also, for the froyo lovers out there, you could cross order from red mango. It seems they also own that.   
 After our meal, we were slated for a 10pm movie. Of course being the kind guy that I am. LOL! I foresaw that we would need refreshments and a snack. It was great to see that Munchtown opened up right beside the movie house. Although I wanted to taste a lot of things on the menu, we just settled for drinks and fries.
 A couple of Arizona Iced Tea (90Php ea)... It seems these has been the craze lately with their different flavors.
For snacks, we had their munchtown fries (195Php). They had different variations of fries to offer.
 Cheese, bacon, paprika and sour cream. It was pure heaven in my mouth. I loved it.
The staff was accommodating and definitely worth a second visit even if you are not going to watch a movie.

After the so-so movie ,which I wanted so badly to sleep through but she wouldn't let me,
(sadly I chose it because I didn't like what she wanted to watch.. sorry no Filipino comedy drama movie for me... unless if its Popoy and Basha )

 I asked her if she wanted to go somewhere else. I informed her that I wanted to drink some more.. (alcoholic is that you..), I asked her if she wanted to go home already so I could drop her off. She gave me the no nod and went with me to Skinny Mike's (click) in BGC to drink. I was actually hesitant and kept on asking her if she wanted to go home. Anyway, she didn't want to so okay fine...

Started the session, with a couple of vodka based drinks and some grubs.
She had the Marinara Chicken Melt (375Php)
 The cheese on top was just yummy! She devoured this. I don't know where she keeps her food stock but it doesn't show..It was good for 2-3.
I got the All Star Supreme (395Php).
Thin Crust pizza. Too much thin for me. She got this to go and gave it to her flatmates.

Service was all right and normal for any sports bar. This is definitely my go to drinking place in the fort. A little pricey but heck I can relax and sit back here and watch the night away.. 
Brought her back to her place safe and sound. A little woozy and yet everything went well until....
all the drama started....
More of the story? Or maybe not. LOL! Hopefully by the time this post goes up, everything is all right between us. If not well I guess I will just let things flow and hope for the best and keep the good memories.

G/F Promenade 3 Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan City.

2nd Floor Promenade 3 Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan City.

Skinny Mike's (open 24x7)
Somewhere near S&R and St Luke's Hospital
Bonifacio Global City

Disclaimer: I paid for our meals. All the opinions here are mine. Sorry for the drama but just needed a little outlet.

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  1. I wish I could be as positive as you. Cheers to that. :)

    1. anooooo ba yannnn michyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ikain na natin yan... wag magpaka down.. dapat laging UP ang vibes.. bawal down noh!!! chill lang lagi... ikaw din ang mahihirapan diba... smile lang lagi :D