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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"I am soooooo a kid!!!!" Thinking of being a kid again? Right? LOL!

Next best thing, Enchanted Kingdom! Granted that its a bit far from my place up north and that the last time I visited it was when I was being chased by zombies. This place puts the smile into everyone's face!

Anyway, Mama Bear invited Michy and I to try EK's new ride. The 7D Interactive Motion Theater.
The new ride is located somewhere in the vicinity of the rapids. Thankfully its enclosed and has a/c
For this ride, you got to pay 100Php a pop but for students, you get a d/c until 4pm
I won't spoil anything but the ride was awesome!!!!
You get to enjoy and play around with a gun!! Okay that is the most I could tell you! LOL!
Afterwards, you could ride a few of the best rides in the country.
Their epic roller coaster.
and the disk-o-magic.

and I must admit, I am an addict. I can't stop myself from parlor games and arcades as to which EK has a lot off!!!
like shooting these things off the table
and throwing these blocks off.
until I was able to win these.
and make me smile like a kid again!!!!
Definitely, Ek is a place for kids and kids at heart. It also make people get closer to one another.
A great family bonding experience. Just a note though, it was epicly hot! So I would suggest, going there on an off peak and off sunny day!!! LOL!
OMG OMG OMG!! Holding hands ang tamiiiiissss!!!!!!!! INSULIN STAT!!!
Thanks a lot mama bear!!! I had a grand time.. Maybe next time we could have more chika moment!!! :D :D

Enchanted Kingdom
Theme Park.
Sta Rosa, Laguna

Regular Day Pass:
Weekend / Holiday Rate: Php 600.00
Weekday Rate: Php 500.00

Junior Day Pass:
Weekend / Holiday Rate: Php 320.00
Weekday Rate: Php 250.00
Senior citizens are entitled to a 50% discount on the applicable admission rate upon presentation of their Senior Citizen’s National Identification Card at the Front Gate.

Disclaimer: opinions stated here are mine.Thanks a lot mama bear and enchanted kingdom for the invite!!
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  1. I'm oh so willing to give you a copy of your Jollibee shot. LOL. :P