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Friday, May 2, 2014

"Dude if you're free for lunch, we will be at Red Onion" - Richie of Pickiest Eater In The World ...  and with that, I got off my butt and went to Up Town Center.

Huge dough!!!! What the heck, this block greeted my blogger friends and I as we entered the Red Onion cafe.
Not just that, but this robo chef showed us how they cut the noodles.
Cool right??!?!?! Awesome looking robo chef

Started the meal with some appetizers.
1st up was the Taiwanese Sausage (148Php).
Slices of pork sausage stuffed with subtle Taiwanese spices.
Not too sweet nor spicy just right to whet your appetite.

The Taiwanese Crispy Dumpling (198Php) is another that one must not miss trying out.
Half pan fried half boiled, both chewy and crunchy at the same time.
The skin wasn't that thick and it was soft. Plus it was a treat to get that crunchy base. The meat wasn't too heavy and just right.

And just like that without noticing, we started on our mains.

The Sichuan Mala Chicken (198/378Php) was one of those chicken made for rice!
The meat was perfectly cooked and moist. It wasn't that super hot but it does have that mild punch!
And for those that like it without any spice, the Green Onion Chicken (198/378Php) would be your bet.
This dish is refreshing and cool. You would think that just by looking at it, it was an ordinary boiled chicken but heck no! The sauce has all the flavors! Definitely another must try!
For all those healthy eaters, the Polonchay (Chinese Spinach@ 168Php) would be your pick.
Not really for me, but Ms. Irene and Sir Richard of Tales from the Tummy loved it so much.

But for those like me, get the Double Fried Sweet and Sour Pork (228Php)!!!!

The dish is simple and straightforward no veggies and just the pork! The coating was crunchy and awesome! It made me sweat as the taste was definitely spot on. Both sweet and sour at the same time, the meat inside was also tender! YUMMMMMY!!!! THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OFF!!!

The Walnut Shrimps (388Php) is something a shrimp lover would really get!
 If you are overly fed with tempura, this dish would give you a different take on shrimps. Covered with awesome coating, the walnuts gives it a texture like no other. 

And for those noodle lovers you get to order the 39 Spices Beef Noodle (228/258Php). This baby makes everyone happy as you could get unlimited orders of noodles!!!!!!

The broth is made of champions! Definitely something one would slurpppp! The meat was tender and perfectly cooked. Now, when you order this, you get to choose. Either normal noodles or hand shaved ones. I suggest you try the normal noodles as the refill noodles are the hand shaved ones. From here, you get to get unlimited bowls of noodles. For me though, I loved the hand shaved ones as it is al dente and has that bite into it.

Since it is epicly hot, it was a welcome treat that Red Onion have a lot to offer to tone down the heat.
To start dessert, the Taiwanese Snow Ice (138Php) is awesome!
You get to pick what flavor you want! YEY!
As an  added treat for all those coffee lovers, they have this special kind of drink!!!!
This doesn't disappoint. You get to have a glass of coffee cubes and a small flask of milk. You add a portion of milk into your glass and taste the flavor. What is awesome is that you get to taste the flavor and as you keep on drinking, the flavor becomes more deep. AWESOME!!!!!

I love how the dishes are affordable and definitely a treat! You would love to eat here even if you are not into spicy food as they have everything for everyone. You could budget around 300-500 per person. 
And yes, I went back a couple of times already for some to-go loving and I loved it!!!

Red Onion
Up Town Center
Katipunan, Quezon City
Red Onion Facebook

Disclaimer: Opinions here are mine. Thank you so much, Sir Richie and Red Onion for having us.
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