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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On a Sunny Saturday afternoon, a friend and I went on over down south for a little staycation.

Nestled on the right side of the Alabang-Zapote Road coming from the Skyway, the Bellevue is strategically located near the different office buildings that houses I.T.s and BPOs. It is on the opposite side of town from Acacia Hotel (click) and Atc and Black Pig (click
Coming from another event, we were able to get to Alabang around a few minutes past 12 and had our lunch at Black Pig (click). After enjoying ourselves, we went on over to Bellevue Manila at around 2pm.
Parked the car in their underground parking and led ourselves to their front desk found in their tower wing...

We didn't wait long as we got ourselves checked in within 3 minutes.

The hotel is divided into two wings. The main hotel, which is older and the tower wing, which I loved more. The main lobby is found in their tower wing but the parking elevator brings you up to their main. So don't get lost on me! LOL!
I liked how their lobby is bright and huge and that there are a lot of couches and chairs for the people waiting around. We were then given our key card for the room, wifi password, car pass, complimentary drink tickets for the pool bar or the Vue bar and even a small letter detailing the perks that goes with our room.
 You see, on a whim, I booked a Signature Deluxe Room (8540Php Nett) for an overnight staycation. I liked all the perks that goes with it. From the wifi, that could be accessed almost everywhere in the hotel, to the Signature Club, that we abused, and the Breakfast and a lot more. (More on these on later posts).
If I had booked it 2 weeks in advance, I could have had a pretty penny for the discount. LOL! But I wanted to chill and procrastinate and was hoping for another Tagaytay escape but unfortunately Tagaytay was full that weekend so hello Alabang!

After checking in and signing the papers, we were advised that the room was prepared. Usually their check in time was at 3:00pm, but we got in settled a few minutes past 2. 
 Chill.... was the word that could best describe the stay.
Be careful with the bench in front of the bed. It gave my friend and I scars on our legs as it always gets us. Tip: move it to the side as there is space near the wall to avoid getting hit.
The bed was really comfortable and huge. You could fit 3 of me or 5 medium sized person on it. LOL

I liked how they have everything you could need right at your reach.
Thankfully, the TV is a flat screen that is wall mounted. Wohooooo!!!!! Walking dead mode on!!
Of course, I did a few more digging around the room.
 The cabinet could store a lot. I liked how they got all the amenities that you could need. From slippers to bath robes to flashlights and yes even an iron board.
The mini bar was stocked with all the munching that you would need but I guess if you have access to the Signature Club Room, you wouldn't care about the drinks and snacks in the room.
 Of course, I am a little queezy when it comes to hotel bathrooms so I was happy when I saw ours.
There was a clean bathtub...
Complete toiletries with Acca Kappa for shampoo, conditioner, gel, lotion and soap.
A floating throne with a bidet!!! Yahoooooo!!!!
and I love the shower area too!!!! There is a rain shower head which shoots water in different directions!!! Pressure was awesome even if we were in the 20th floor!!!
Since it was a lovely day, we went around and explored the hotel.
Yes that's a view...
We went on over to their pool area. They actually have a pool on the 3rd floor for both tower wing and main wing. Unfortunately, the one on the main wing is closed because there was a building being constructed across it so we just chilled in the tower wing pool.
 It wasn't heated and it was a bit cold as there was a breeze coming from all over the place. So no swimming, just chilling.
They have a lovely koi pool too just beside the pool area.
It was also soooo tempting to swim at night but it was too cold!!!
There is a shallow pool area on the other end.
For those that wants to have a quick trim or what not, they have a salon on the 3rd floor of the main hotel area.
 Plus they have a gym area that has a retro feel. Also in the main wing.
After walking around the hotel, my friend was a little under the weather and wanted to get some medications. One thing that I love about the hotels here in Alabang would be that they have complimentary shuttle service around the Alabang Area. Bellevue offers it free of charge to their guests from 6am all the way till 11pm. Yes, they drop you off and pick you up after. They have it every 30 minutes. Thankfully, we had the shuttle all to ourselves that we had it wait for us instead when we went to the drug store to buy some medication. 

When we got back to our room. We found some night time treats...
(sorry I ate all of them... bwhahahaha!!!)
 Why I ate all of them? Because she had room service!!! I liked how its available 24/7. Since she was under the weather she only got soup and rice.
Wasn't able to taste it but from what I saw she finished it.
and yes, when she called, they got it in 5 minutes unlike some other hotels that force you leave it outside the door because you need to go somewhere or have something else to do. Now that's service.

Woke up really early the next day to have breakfast and got an extended stay since they allowed us to have a late checkout at 2pm (yeah just inquire with them and ask and its for free....)

I enjoyed the stay as it was really chill. For the price and the location, it was all right. Wouldn't mind going back maybe in a few months or so but for sure it wouldn't be just an overnight stay. Service was awesome.

More on the Bellevue Hotel's Signature Club Room Perks, Azarea Spa, and Breakfast in later posts.

Bellevue Hotel Manila
North Bridgeway, Filinvest City, Alabang,
Muntinlupa City

Disclaimer: Paid for our stay, wrote this based on our experience...

One thing I don't like about staycations.. it makes me eat a lot and gain weight... wait..
that's not my feet and definitely not my weight...... LOL!
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  1. yup... nothing more nothing else

  2. Planning to go back to Bellevue, but still thinking if I'll book 1 night at the Signature Deluxe Room or 2 nights at the Deluxe.. >.< Ugh!!! The perks of the Signature Club makes deciding extra hard! Haha! Anyway, it's so nice that hotels in Alabang offer free shuttle service. If only hotels in Ortigas and Makati have them too...

  3. Actually sumi.. You could go for deluxe and then just add a few for access to the signature club. At least there is a little d/c. ... Some of the other hotels in Manila, offer shuttle rides to nearby malls too