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Monday, August 3, 2015

 When I entered the room, I forgot everything. I talked to myself and said... " I should not have eaten breakfast." That is how EDSA SHANGRILA'S HEAT makes me feel.

On a weekday, I was so excited to get to HEAT that I bumped a car over at EDSA. It might be my fault or it might have been TADHANA. Why? Well the driver of the other car was super duper gorgeous, model/ actress material and hands down pretty. Not only that, she didn't mind the incident as the only damage was on my front license plate. That's the good part of the story. The bad part? I didn't get her number or name. GEEZ! Moral of the story, always remember to get the name and the number of the person you bumped on the road.

That caught your attention right? My mind was on that every single second of that day except when I had an incredible experience in HEAT. Fast forward a few minutes later, I arrived safely and with no further incident in EDSA SHANGRILA'S HEAT.
As you enter you are transported to a different place.

Modern and simple. Yet a relax vibe engulfs you. Comfortable seating and a huge buffet area.
That's whats up!

 I know that BUFFET places are common in the METRO. What set's HEAT apart? You can be sure of the taste, quality and service it gives you. No request is too hard for them to do for you. You don't have to raise a finger as they anticipate your every needs. That good.

As you enter, you are greeted by the good stuff. A FRESH SALAD BAR.
IF you know me, I skipped this. But for all the awesome guys and gals out there, go for it. I can see how fresh the vegetables they have. The number of dressing and things you could combine are a lot so one step at a time dear.

You could start a meal with a little bit of warm soul food. Try their SOUP BAR. Here you could ask the chef to make something special for you.  From noodles to everything in between.

 For CARBS lover like me, they offer a huge selection of bread


 and cheeses.
 I liked how when I asked the baker manning the station, she readily answered my question and suggested what goes well with what. Bravo!

 Of course, no Foodie will ever pass up the JAPANESE SECTION.

Fresh sashimi, sushi and everything you may ever want is here.

 I like how the rice were tasted as it should. Not that dry been there for a long time kind of Japanese Rice.
 They also had huge Rolls for the big guys like me.
and the small ones for everyone.
I like how the sushi chefs were pretty fast in making the different sushi and sashimis. They knew that a huge crowd of people were gunning for them so they were always on the go. I liked how you didn't need to wait more than a few seconds before getting what you wanted.

Aside from these "small" starters, HEAT serves a lot of cooked delicacies and dishes. I can't name them all but heck, I sure did wanted to try them all.

For seafood, they had crabs, clams, slipper lobsters, and shrimps cooked to your preference.

 You could have them boiled, fresh, garlicky, sweet and sour. Anything to your heart's content.

 One stationg that got the most attention was this one. HERE, they had the ROAST, FRIED and BRAISE.

 Starting off with shawarma was a treat for me as I was craving for some in a long time.

But the big guns would surely make you feel alive.
This roast beef can be cooked to your preference.

You could also have some lamb.
 None of that icky after taste. These sure are fresh!
 Ribs are also bountiful.
 and pork chops just to make sure you have your full.

 Once everything was said and done, you won't regret leaving some room for dessert.

 From make your own teppanyaki ice cream.

To Bread pudding. 

To cute brownies, pastries and cakes.

and fresh fruits.

Now, we were spoiled to bits by EDSA SHANGRILA's HEAT. My friends and I were placed in a comfortable small function room. 

 and I super thank them for it. EDSA SHANGRILA HEAT definitely makes you feel like you are the boss.

 Let me then give you some TIPS and TRICKS on how to attack this buffet.

1) SURVEY THE FIELD. Granted, this is the first thing you have to do everyday. You have to know what you are aiming for and what you want. 

2) For your sake, COME IN EARLY! TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Don't go when in the middle of lunch. The line might be a bit long. When you can't avoid it, go to the buffet area with less people so that you could get what you want. Of course common sense would dictate that you should have a reservation. Because, it helps.

Treat your first plate as the best plate. This is where you would pick and go for the best dishes to make your buffet worthwhile. For me, It was the lobsters, the duck, duck rolls and the LAMB.
 and since, I knew that I wanted a huge variety of dishes to try,


 4) DON'T GO FOR THE CARBS. If you must, get them at the middle or end of the meal. Why? Because they make you full faster. They expand in your tummy and it would stop you from eating what you want.

Fresh salmon and some rolls. The salmon was readily cut upon request and tasted fresh. Delicious.

5) ASK THE CHEFS MANNING THE COUNTERS. The chefs and the staff behind the counter knows what to suggest and what to give you. Talk to them and ask what is the best dish in their station. 

I was able to get the freshest and damn good bread roll because I asked. I would have had wasted my carbs on something I didn't like. Thankfully, the baker was there and she suggested what to get.

6) OF COURSE, ENJOY!!! You eat and you laugh and you enjoy. I guess that's the main thing when it comes to eating. So I hope you do.
 that would be the dessert in mind. From ice cream, to pastries to cakes. I just didn't know what to get.

EDSA SHANGRILA's HEAT IS A DIFFERENT BEAST ALL TOGETHER. I liked how the chefs interact with you. At the different stations, you ask them something and they give you a suggestion. They make things happen for you. None of that I can't but more of SURE WILL. That is how EDSA SHANGRILA'S HEAT differs. Given that the quality and taste of the food is superb but moreover, it is the people that serves genuinely that made the dinning experience wonderful and perfect.


(63 2) 633 8888

Mandaluyong City
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out HEAT.
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  1. I really hope na ma afford ko ang buffet dito, but from the looks of it! Naku naman, sinu ba namang ayaw matikman ang mga pagkain dito,

    In relation about your comment for that form thingy, i will do it jeng. :) that's not gonna be a problem for me. :)

    1. Thanks bro!!!! Uhm kaya yan!! I mean go when they have these sale!!! I mean once lang naman not all the time

  2. OMG! I soooo love HEAT! I wish I could go back soon! :)

  3. I haven't also eaten in HEAT for the longest time. 4 years ago pa yata haha. One of my friends shared that the food there aren't served hot and just lacked some flavors he was expecting. Then again, that was a year ago. All your food photos and descriptions are making me feel excited to try dining at Heat again. :) Thanks for the tips as well!

  4. Yeah Roch.. I was actually a little hesitant going there.. I mean It was a miss for me a few years back... Thankfully my recent experience with them... was quite fruitful and I was happy about the food.

  5. I told to my self if I got my own earn money and start to work one day I will be here then my simple dream will come true to eat here because now I can afford, even its expensive to fulfill your simple dream yet will im in the philippines spending my vacation this week will be here

  6. I told to my self if I got my own earn money and start to work one day I will be here then my simple dream will come true to eat here because now I can afford, even its expensive to fulfill your simple dream yet will im in the philippines spending my vacation this week will be here

    1. Hi Nino... I hope you enjoy your vacation. I hope the information here helps you :) Cheers

  7. the original show kitchen.still the hottest buffet in town

  8. it is indeed in the bag! My friends and I will be eating here later this evening and I am already thrilled

  9. is there a discount for a child which is 9 years old?

  10. is there a discount for a child which is 9 yrs old?

    1. yup there is 50% of the adult price for my daugther

  11. hope will be receiving a reply soon thanks

    1. From what i know, hotel buffets usually have discounted rates for kids below 12. Better to contact them directly.