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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

 I got curious so after the Spider Man Movie, my family and I tried this deli-resto place.
My heartbeat was racing when I saw all the goodies inside. From this and that to cheese,
 to meat,
to wines and what not.
This deli is also a restaurant in itself as you could order food from their offerings.
 What you do is go up to their counters and order what you liked. From sandwiches 
and other stuff...
to drinks and dessert.
Then you pay at the cashier.
While moving around and taking pictures, I accidentally bump a few glasses and Boom .. 
They fell tumbling down. So just a note, be careful or better yet don't try take photos and back up for that perfect angle shot LOL!

I guess that is as much excitement that one could get that day!
For drinks, they offered a lot of no preservative juices and even some detox too.
The drinks were a bit expensive at 110-180 Php. Better to skip them instead and just go for water LOL!.
To start things up, you could order some salad.
My mom picked some fresh greens. The lettuce Italian Mix (200+30 for dressing Php)
This was the best dish we had during that light snack. Fresh and cool.
My brother had the spag meatballs (250Php).
I got to agree with my mom that this pasta was just ok. Just ordinary.
We also had the Trio Baby Pizza (280Php)
These were 3 different small sized finger foods if you asked me. Tasted too normal.
According to the girl at the counter, the Artisan Lasagna (250Php) was their best seller.
I got to disagree with her. The edges were dry and the taste has left me wanting.
 Another sad dish that we got was the Baby Ham and Cheese Croissant (250Php)
 The edges were burnt and the veggies seemed to be more than a day old. There wasn't that crunch that you would hear when touching a perfect croissant. These were soft to touch and as it seems old.

I was really excited when I read and saw the sign. They had an all meat sandwich. As expected, that is what I ordered. When I got the All Meat Sandwich (250Php). I had an expression of "WHAT?!"
One touch and I knew it. I was really disappointed. It was hard. I regret that I even took a bite and it confirmed my impression of it. You would see why.
I don't think that the name of this sandwich is appropriate. To describe it further, the insides were cold. It seemed they popped it in the heater for a couple of seconds and served it straight up. 

Now that I think of it, the dishes they served were all prepared before hand and just reheated. I wish we should have went to a different restaurant where at these kind of prices, we would be assured that the food they would serve were freshly made and not just reheated. 

Anyway, we asked for the sandwich to be exchanged but they returned one reheated with burnt meat. Hay... My brother tasted it and I couldn't forget his remarks. He said, the dressing tasted like those of a sandwich spread that could be bought in the super market and that it was dry. 

I honestly hope that the food quality improves dramatically because I love the concept of having a deli that could be turned into a restaurant but if they continue this, I for one would not be returning. Even if they were the same group under Cravings, its really "a miss" at this time. Maybe give them some time to fine tune it. I must say though, that the service was all right and that the staff were somewhat helpful. Maybe they should be sure that the price is equivalent to the quality. And according to my mom, Santis has the same stuff but at a lesser price. Hopefully they improve their food service so as not to leave the customers with an odd taste in their palettes and their wallet.

Now that I think of it, I don't remember the Potato Salad being served.
Maybe it was, but according to my mom and bro, it wasn't. hmmmmm...

Paid for our meals. The opinion stated here are mine. I was not asked to write this post.
I paid for the broken glasses. They gave a 15% dc for those broken glasses.
Forgive my pics, Iphone camera only.
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  1. Your all-meat sandwich looks really sad. I do hope they'll improve on their food, sayang I was curious about this place pa naman. Mag Green Pastures na lang ako with that price.

    1. na wrong move ako michy... I mean, its okay to pay for those kind of prices but heck, you would want to have something that's appropriate and justifiable. ... The little croissants were burnt. the sandwich's inside were cold.
      dapat nga nag green pastures or kettle na lang kami LOL pero.. I guess charge to experience.... Hopefully they improve...
      and did I mention we paid for the potato salad at 160Php and it never materialized? .. or maybe it did but my mom, my bro and I didn't see it. LOL ow well
      Wishing them good luck and praying they improve

  2. nyek Cravings pala.. i don't have good words for them... high on the promise low on the delivery, ironic given that they own a culinary and hospitality school...i had experienced getting a stale cake from them ..tapos yung cake all you can nila pangit ang flavors and super liit ng slices para akong nanlilimos

    havent commented for a while , hassle kasi mag log in

    1. Hey!!!!! long time no read ... LOL!!! ... yeah.. i actually didn't like it talaga it was really a sad experience... I think they were trying to bank on the deli feel kaso... delis aren't like that... and for the prices... could have gotten better food.... ^_^

  3. sana nag Earle's Delicatessen ka na lang.... yung TRIO OF MEAT nila as in huge slices and freshly made... no pretensions at walang halong pacute

    1. ui... ill take note of that... maybe once i get back from cebu ill give it a go hehehehehehehe ^_^ hmmmmmmm the name palang lagoooooot na ako hahahahahaha