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Monday, May 12, 2014

Because I wanted and needed to,I went to South Korea.

After the stressful stuff I had at work LOL!, I needed some time off. Thankfully, my mom and bro agreed to go with me to Korea. One thing to note though, one must apply for a visa for one to go there. Thankfully, the visa is free for a single entry tourist visit for any Filipino.
After fixing the paper works, filing for leave and taking care of stuff, we were able to go to the airport in record time. Don't forget, PAL flights usually takes off and lands in Terminal 2! You don't want going into the wrong terminal now. LOL! Sadly, our flight was delayed on the runway. We boarded on time but it seems we were stuck on the tarmac. I don't know why but there was a bee line of airplanes taking off. HAY!

Anyway, One thing I liked about PAL is that they offer food service and drinks. 
On our way to Incheon , we were able to pick
Fish Fillet.
and Chicken Inasal

I love the inasal as the meat is flavorful and the sauce compliments it well.
And since we were going to SK, they offer a spicy sauce.
The sauce isn't really that hot but it gives a soft punch and helps start up your appetite.
The meal also comes with salad. A little too wet for me.
and I love that they serve dessert!!!!
I remembered when I was a kid and I went to Magnolia's Ice Cream Plant with my parents, and I got an unlimited amount of sugar rush!!! YEY!!! They were there for business while I was there for pleasure!
So Happy that my mouth was open wide!!!!
and of course unlimited coffee and tea :D

and once you arrive, you get off the terminal and walk a few meters and ride a train just to get to the customs and baggage area.

I liked how the baggage carrousel area was huge and clean and our stuff were there when we got to it..No waiting!!
Since we were on a tour, we realized that we didn't really need to exchange a huge amount of dollars. Although it would be best to note that 1000 Korean Won is 1$ and most establishments accept dollars. 
 After going around Seoul and some parts of South Korea
 (I will be posting my adventures on future write ups).
It was time for us to go home.
Like Singapore, South Korea also offers to reimburse taxes paid by tourist. Whatever goods or merchandise you buy, you could ask the store for a tax refund.
Another thing for shoppers out there would be the duty free stores! They got a lot of those in Seoul. One thing you must remember is that if the product is not readily available in Korea, they have to ship it to the airport and you claim it there!!!!
Yep, you read that right. You claim the stuff you buy from duty free stores, in the airport. 
A few stores away from your gate, you could be able to see an area where all the duty free distributes the goodies!
Get a number, present your passport and the voucher and you get the exact stuff you ordered.
They deliver it to claiming desks in the airport just before you get hoping to your plane. 
On the plane, we were served dinner.
 braised beef or 
Doesn't really look that good but it was okay.
sweet and sour pork.
From here, we were also given some Kimchi.
For a few days stay in Korea, I learned how the real Kimchi tasted like. Heck, I even learned and tried making one. I really enjoyed it. I just didn't like the bread they served. It was dry and hard as a rock.
 For dessert, they also served ice cream.
A cheese cake flavored one. Yum yum!

and of course, our trip wouldn't be awesome if it weren't for 2 of the best people on the tour. Johnny and Kris. Kris is one super tour guide girl that know what a tourist wants. She has been doing this job for years. She tells you what is a good value buy and gives you tips in what to do and how to go about a particular situation. Johnny, on the other hand, is a student that is under a government program that allows them to make money as photographers on tours. He is her student photographer assistant.
 Cool right? What a bright idea.

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