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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Because our flight got delayed, we weren't able to have a decent welcome dinner in Incheon.

The next best thing is, get some Fast Food. First stop McDonald's!!! Bwhahaha!
 Just like my solo trip back in Singapore a year ago (click) and in Bangkok (click), the first place I wondered off to was McDonald's. Go Figure. LOL!

Almost everything in the menu was the same, so I picked something different.

So, what's in the bag?
I ordered some burgers and fries.

 A take on a spicy chicken burger, their McSpicy Shanghai Burger is for hot bird lovers.
 Crunchy chicken fillet and a few veggies on top.
I tried something different though. I had the double bulgogi burger.
 Its basically, a double meat patty with a teriyaki like sweet sauce.
 A little too sweet for me, though.
As expected, the Mcdo here is a bit expensive compared to what we have back in Manila. Take note that the fries and drinks all tastes and looks the same. Hmm makes me wonder, how do they do it? LOL!

More posts on my 2014 Seoul trip to follow.

Foodinthebag is now in Facebook. It wouldn't hurt to like it right? LOL!

Mcdonald's In Korea
Arrival Area.
Ground Floor. Incheon Airport, South Korea

Yeah, I couldn't read it too. LoL
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  1. Di ko nagets yung resibo. hahaha! :)

    1. michy! Diko din gets eh kaya nga pinost baka may makabasa.. LOL!...
      kailan tayo magkikita? .... ung pasalubong mo kinakalawang na dito LOL.. ay w8.. may priority ka nga pala LOL hahahaha

    2. Echosero! Sabi mo kinain mo na. hahaha. Text mo lang ako when. :P