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Friday, June 27, 2014

Secluded and hidden. I had to go around in circles just to get to this place. Was it worth it? I don't know. You tell me.
Located in a compound that sells cars and a few hole in the walls, I believe DETALLE definitely stands out.
To welcome my friend back, she and I went out to have dinner on a lazy night. We were the first one in and the place was definitely small. Around 25 people could fit in the first floor and they had an alfresco place up top which could accommodate a few more guests.
Its a dream to have a restaurant slash bar in a somewhat secluded place as it gives out a chill vibe. 
Since my friend K went out late till the wee hours of the morning, she had wanted to have something to smooth her throat. She had a glass of LEMONADE (120Php). I actually wanted to get her drunk just like one of those drinking sessions we used to have but she was too tired and wasted from the night before so this was an all right choice for her. 
While looking at the menu, I figured that most of their offerings are pica-pica.  I guess these are their specialty. We had the Housemade Ricotta (260Php)
These were by far one of those dishes that I liked that night. It had crispy prosciutto, orange marmalade and supposedly crispy basil. Great for kungfu aka kungpumulutan. LOL!

We wanted to try almost everything on the menu since well, its one of those nights that we had all the time in world to chill and relax and experience everything. 
For pizza, we got their Meathouse (440Php)
Honestly, I would have liked a margherita instead. this pizza tasted ordinary. It lacked oomph! Just meat, cheese and tomato sauce.
The Truffle Penne (340Php) lacked the truffle flavor. It wasn't oozing with truffle like with other dishes from other restaurants. The mushrooms' flavor and the cream were more present than the "truffle".
Since my mom would always push me to eat healthy, we got the grilled salmon (400Php)
The salmon was definitely normal. The risotto well definitely made the dish better. I liked the tomato flavor.
Unfortunately, we didn't enjoy the last dish. The D Burger (380Php) was supposed to be the best seller but it is a weird burger.
The blue cheese didn't go well with the meat and the bacon jam made it worst. Maybe they need to tweak this some more. Even if the inside were reddish, I could say that it wasn't that tender. Better to go to a different restaurant if you are up for burgers. I liked the fries though if that counts.
Even if the taste of some the dishes were somewhat off, I really got to give props to their service. The staff was attentive and gave their best in giving into our needs. I guess this is more of a chill place to have a drink or two with friends and get some bar bites or appetizers to go with them. I would not go back for the mains but if I am a drinker, I would go for their cocktails and mixes. 
Budget around 400-500Php. Better to call in for a reservation as they easily gets full during the weekends. Parking could be a hassle. Maybe 6-8 cars at most.

Opens at 5pm to 4am 
0917 560 0988
88 Meralco Avenue Corner Julia Vargas, 
Ortigas, Pasig
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  1. Curious about this place since it's near my office. I should go here soon! :)

    1. its more of a chika chika / drinks / pica pica place