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Monday, June 23, 2014

When I had the chance to ask Justinne of Babe for Food  of Cebu, one of the things that she mentioned that I must try was TATANG'S BONELESS LECHON. Which is totally different from CNT and ZUBUCHON.   
 Why? Well first of the style of their restaurant. It definitely is more of a along the street kind of place. This particular joint is on a vacant corner lot that you could easily pass by. Best landmark? Almost besides Matias.

Of course you don't go there for the ambiance but rather for the food. As you could see the lechon is pretty much different. BONELESS Lechon would be the first words coming out of your mouth.

It is really has a carinderia or hole in the wall kinda feel but believe me it is worth the visit and the smokey smell you get after. YUMMY!.
 There is pretty much 2 kinds of lechon they serve. Spicy and normal. When my friends and I went, the only available lechon was the spicy. Some guy before us ordered a lot and got them packed for their Manila trip. Argh! 

The skin is crispy and crunchy. The meat is tender and flavorful. According to my companion, she loved this among the 3 lechon places we have tried. I guess that is why it is making a mark as one of the best boneless lechon in Cebu.
When the food was presented, I remember the days when I would eat using my hands. Thankfully, this is a place where you could. You are given plastic gloves to cover your hands. Genius I tell you! It should be done here in Manila too! Finger Licking good I tell you!!! It makes eating more enjoyable!!Don't worry though, the place is pretty clean and has a sink for you to wash your hands.  
Yup! You have to get the puso or rice to go with your meal
 Since this is a Cebu Lechon, there were no sarsa or gravy around. Only vinegars. One tip though, don't get the hot vinegar when you have the spicy version. It might literally burn your lips.
Pretty much, this has got to be one of the most affordable lechon my friends and I tasted. The price doesn't disappoint.  It is on a class of its own as it is boneless and it has a lot of herbs which totally makes the taste yummy!
 One of those places where you must bring your barkada and friends just to chill, enjoy and not waste money. Budget around 200Php per person. Better to go there around afternoon-night so that it won't be that hot out. You could actually get some lechon here and bring it to Matias for a grill food fest with your friends. Better to call first and reserve some because you might end up not getting any. LOL!
 Pretty much all good!!! Pasok sa budget.

Tatang's Boneless Lechon

A.S. Fortuna Street Corner Hernan Cortez Street
Cebu City
032 406 3873 or 0916 226 9946
New Branch: SkyRise 1 It Park, Cebu
(Note: as of 10-29-16, AS Fortuna branch closed. Please check FB page for updates)
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