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Friday, July 18, 2014

The usual suspect would be the tummy! The tummy has been the most food hungry part of the body. It usually supersedes the mind in terms of stopping and will power. When the tummy is hungry. It goes for it. No one can stop it. Thus is what my dad has. If he is hungry he eats but crap he has a fast metabolism and is a fit guy! 
So on a Saturday evening, after watching a movie, he wanted to eat. It was either a sandwich or something light. Since my family haven't tried it yet, I ushered them in. After a 15 minute stroll, a call came in and boom, we had a table.  

We first started out with a carafe of GREEN ICED TEA (149Php)
Refreshing and lemony. 
Dad wanted something to sooth his throat so he got a bowl of CLAM CHOWDER (229Php)
He finished it as it didn't skimp on the ingredients. 

For starters, the rest of us had the PORK AND POTATO STRIPS (339Php)
It was a humongous pile of thinly cut potatos and a few strips of pork here and there. It reminded me of Pik-Nik. Yet, this version is more sinful as it is more oily. I think I would skip this next time around. 

For my pasta, I got the TRUFULLED GORGONZOLA (289Php). 
This cheesy pasta was overwhelming with cheese and truffle flavor. My brother loved it so much, he finished the stack

Speaking of, he ordered the BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN (519Php)
Served with corn bread, this chicken fillet is crunchy and juicy. It has 2 types of sauce on the side. One honey based while the other is gravy. Although it packs a punch and is truly tasty, the price seems a little too much if you ask me. 

I tried something different as I got their REUBEN (509Php)
 Made with premium corned beef and has a side of sweet potato fries, this sandwich is something to marvel to. Meat lovers rejoice with this meal!

Since my dad didn't know what to pick, he had the SHRIMP PO BOY (419Php)
Easily the best dish, for me, that they serve. The shrimps are deep fried and tastes wonderful. Partnered with the bread and the pickle, you can't go wrong with every bite!
 Thankfully, dad couldn't finish this so I got the left overs. BWHAHAHAHA!!!

 Worth the wait for some and deserves a try for others, this restaurant is here to stay. Albeit your wallet may feel a little light after, you could won't be disappointed with the quality of the food. It may be a little tight with space inside as with any box office restaurant. You may also want to drop by to make a reservation or call in ahead so you won't wait that long. Budget around 800 Php per person.

5th floor
East Wing Shangrila Mall

Disclaimer: Paid for our food, wrote this based on my experience.

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  1. Still haven't tried this. Huhuhu. :'(

  2. Waaah! You beat me! I'm about to post a blog re:Kettle too. Haha! Still drafting mine though.. >.< Anyway, love Kettle! Looking at that Buttermilk Fried Chicken photo already makes me crave! And that Truffle Gorgonzola pasta looks oh-so-yum! <3