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Monday, July 21, 2014

 When one ask me where I get good Singaporean Food in the metro, one restaurant comes to mind.
 Wee Nam Kee. 
Originally Wee Nam Kee is a known Hawker Restaurant in Singapore. Good people with good taste brought on over the brand here for Singapore's Awesome Dishes. Thank you guys!!! One of the reasons why I go to Singapore yearly is to visit and get my game on with an authentic taste of their offerings. I could honestly say that Wee Nam Kee cuts that craving and fills my tummy. Their food is somewhat the same with the stuff I get in SG and yep no need to travel. Whew!

Nestled in the basement of the new wing of the Shangrila Mall, Wee Nam Kee stands out on a lazy weekday lunch. Diners were going in and out and it seemed that a lot loved the food that they are getting.
Along with blogger friends, I was able to try their new menu. The Culinary Treasures of Singapore.
 Starting off with something to drink, the CUCUMBER LIME REFRESHER (135Php) is as the name goes, refreshing. Fizzles come out from the soda water used and the sweet taste goes well with the cucumber.
The CRISPY MATOU BREAD WITH CONDENSED MILK (78Php) was served and cooked perfectly. I would usually get this when I go to SG and even in other places. I loved how it was made. Crunchy outside and the soft inside. Other places would do this wrong but you know what, WEE NAM KEE made it worked!
The PRAWN PASTE CHICKEN WINGS (218Php) was their take on deep fried goodness!
It wasn't sweet far from it. I would have wanted it to be become more flavorful, but it was all right to have a mild taste of prawn paste present so that it wouldn't over power other dishes. 
The next dish would be my favorite. The SALTED EGG CHINESE STYLE FRIED CHICKEN (295Php) was something that I would have overlooked. But one bite and I know that it must have my utmost attention. Just rice. Just give me rice and I would be happy to have this dish. The salted egg's flavor was spot on and gave the dish that drool worthy taste! I would definitely go back to WEE NAM KEE just for this.
If you are into coffee, you would love the CASHEW COFFEE SPARERIBS (298PHP). The coffee isn't that overpowering but you could clearly taste the distinct flavor.
If you know me, I usually stay away from veggies so, I didn't really go for the TAMARIND LEMONGRASS FISH FILLET STEW (325Php). I was able to try the soup though and I could say it goes well with rice. Just that .. I ran away from veggies.. and yes fish.  
I liked the taste of the WOK FRIED CHICKEN WITH CASHEWS & SUN-DRIED CHILI (270Php)
It wasn't as hot as you would expect and the cashews gave a crunchy texture to the dish.

For sweet and sour lovers, the PRAWNS with LYCHEE and PEACHES is a winner. (495Php)
The lychee and peaches provided a refreshing take on this sweet and sour dish. I would have loved to have the prawns crunchier but it was all good! 

SAUTEED BEEF FILLET IN SATE SAUCE (395Php). Sate sauce and beef. This dish can't go wrong.
Now let's go with some carbs shall we? Diet be damn.
The PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE with PORK FLOSS (250Php). This needs no description at all because the name of the dish says it all.
As with most of the dishes, the flavor are distinct yet not overpowering.

Going to the noodle side of things, the SPICY SAMBAL RICE NOODLES was up next.

Basically, it was hot sotanghon. That was the first thing that came into my mind. 

The HAINANESE CHICKEN CURRY NOODLES was a little on the hot side but was just right.
Made with Laksa sauce, if you love it then you will enjoy this dish in this bed weather of ours.The noodles was properly cooked and you would definitely slurp it all!
Wee Nam Kee is definitely a place known for its Singaporean Food Offerings. You won't go wrong with them. They specialize mainly in Hainanese Chicken Rice but with their new menu, you get to try other Singaporean Dishes. 
I definitely love the new menu and of course the old stuff are their main stay so you won't really go wrong with what you order. Budget around 500 Php per person.

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Wee Nam Kee
East Wing Shangrila
Mandaluyong City
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: was invited to this event by the good people of Wee Nam Kee. Thanks a lot Sir Bobby and  Sir Richard. Wrote this post based on my experience.
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