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Monday, July 7, 2014

Chilling and nothing else. That is the impression JUST THAI gives off. Coming from the name itself, you would know that this place serves nothing but good Thai food.
Located in Burgos Cirlce (and in Molito, Alabang), Just Thai has a corner all to herself. Albeit parking may be a problem in the Burgos Circle Area, but trying out this wonderful restaurant is worth it.
 Offering different drinks from Thai coffee to Iced Tea, one that stand the most would be their Tamarind Juice (80Php)! This one is for the MAASIM lovers! It gives that kick one definitely loves! Of course this is not for everyone but heck it is for me!!
 While waiting for our dishes to be served, we were given some spices which would help the flavors evolve.
 One special mention here would be the brown spice right in the middle. It not only adds that mild hot kick but it gives this different level of taste one would get from spices.

 To start the meal, my blogger friends and I were served mean soup dishes. Something one loves to warm up the tummies!

The TOM KHA GAI (190Php) or chicken soup in coconut broth and lemongrass makes your mouth drool
 For noodle lovers, they have the KUAI TIAO NEUA (280Php). It is a steaming bowl of stewed noodle soup.
 Nothing beats noodles and soup on a rainy day.
POH PIAH TOD (260Php) or Thai Spring Rolls is not ordinary. It is filled with glass noodles that anyone would love.
 KHAO KROK KAPI  (250Php) or bagoong rice is the base of any meal especially for the rice lovers.
PLA RAD PRIK (395Php) is Fillet of Fresh Tilapia with sweet chili sauce or Tamarind Sauce. 
 The tamarind sauce compliments the dish really well. I guess one thing I would like maybe is to make the cuts of fish crispier. This could be done I guess if they had them into smaller pieces.
A revelation would be the BPLAH PLA MUEK KRATIEM (300Php). It is basically a squid dish.
 The squid was properly cooked. It was definitely fresh and every bite has that crunch. It wasn't sloppy and slimy but rather gorgeous in every bite.

The GAI PAD MET MA MALING (380Php) is the Chicken dish. At first, we were all guessing what kind of meat this particular dish uses. We all guessed wrong. Honestly, the flavor of the cashew wasn't that vivid. Even so, one would love to put all the sauce of the dish on the rice.
 One should not also miss the PAD THAI (280Php). Although not that pleasantly looking, one would definitely eat this for the taste and not the look. Mixed with some spice and nuts, this definitely makes the popular Thai dish stand out.
 For the seafood lovers, one would go for PAD GAPROW TALAY (280Php). The mix of everything from the sea plus basil and the coconut sauce definitely makes your tummy happy and your mouth burst. The meat were fresh and the basil definitely compliments the dish.
 After eating all of these, we still made room for dessert.

During my stay in Bangkok, I had this fascination with their dishes. One that I would have at every meal would be their sticky rice or KHAO NIAOW MA MUANG (260Php).
 I always get this in the Platinum Mall's Food Court to enjoy with every meal!
 It could definitely stand on its own but you gotta add the coconut sauce to make this dish excellent!

 Another Thai Dessert one would definitely love would be the THA KHO (140Php). You would think that these are simple dessert cubes but one bite and your perception would change. These are coconut pudding which have surprises in the middle.
 To end the meal, one should get their coffee. It isn't your ordinary one but it has milk right at the bottom.
 Hot water passes through the filters and makes your coffee right in front of you. Yummy!

The food is unassuming and authentic. Given that they have a Thai Chef at the helms, your Thai Food cravings would be satisfied. Don't worry about the names as their Menu has description for all us Non-Thais. Furthermore, the prices at this restaurant is a steal given its location. I would definitely go back just to enjoy the awesome dessert or even that coffee. Just make sure to bring a driver as parking could be an adventure on its own if you go on peak hours.

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Just Thai
Burgos Cirlce, BGC, Taguig
and Molito, Alabang
(02) 4038718; (02) 519-8135 ; (02) 808-4058

Disclaimer: Was invited by Kenny and Just Thai. Wrote this post based on my opinion and experience.
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  1. Gosh, I miss Thai food!!! Kuya, I sent you a PM. Matter of life and death to. harhar. :p

    1. Hahahaha this could satisfy your craving michy .... wait kuya ka dian !!!! Ate umayos ka!!!