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Friday, October 10, 2014

Straight forward dining is what foodies want. Thankfully, F CAFE in F1 HOTEL delivered. Simple. Relaxed and Game!

Over the weekend, the SO and I was able to chill and enjoy a staycation in F1 HOTEL (click here to see). What is a staycation without the mandatory Pig Out sessions?! Hi F CAFE!
 Although not as huge or as big as other hotel buffet spreads, F Cafe's version is simple yet quite pleasing. 

The SO and I was able to try out lunch, dinner and breakfast at the F CAFE.
For lunch, we were able to feast on some of the offerings that F Cafe would have during the Christmas and New Year Season. According to the team, they were trying to spice it up and maybe change the food a little bit more.
 What is life without cheese? Cheese plus bread and a little butter won't hurt.
 SALMON... definitely fresh and oh so yummy.. they had a few other rolls and of course, different kinds of salad which I skipped
 uhm.. colorful fish.. didn't try it though..
 CHILI CRAB... !!! Now if only there was mantou and some gloves! I know right!
BRINGHE or Kapangpangan version of a paella. Sticky rice is used and for me, it's a joy eating this. Just what my lola used to do!
 CHICKEN GALANTINA- surprisingly tender and moist.
SO loved this. She enjoyed the mild citrus flavor along with the rosemary.
GLAZED HAM- The Ham slices weren't that sweet so it was okay to munch on. 
 LAMB CALDERETA - I enjoyed lamb much so this version. The meat was tender and it reminded me of home cooking. I love!
 ROASTED STUFFED TURKEY- The meat was moist and yummy!

 There was actually quite a selection for dessert.
 You could make your own halo-halo or get pastries and the like but what I loved about the dessert spread was the one at the back.
 Freshly made Churros and an awesome cup of TSOKOLATE or Filipino version of hot chocolate!
YUMMY! I must have had a couple of cups! It wasn't that sweet so it was sort of like dark chocolate in flavor. You could add some milk or sugar for your sweet tooth.

 COME dinner time, F CAFE had us sample their grilled dishes. It was actually a bundle of sorts. 
We were supposed to have a grill out near the pool area but it was raining so we had to dine inside instead.

 For something as much as this, it only cost less than 2000Php for a group of 5 people to get their fix on. Quite reasonable if you ask me.
 The CORN was BBQ like. It was something to munch on while getting ready for all the smoky flavor you are about to have.
 There was also a seafood platter that included grilled squid, fish and shrimps.
 and my favorite part of it was the meat platter.
 Sausages, pork and chicken. The marinate was done properly as the meat was flavorful. The sausages were mild tasting and didn't have that over spiced flavor. Thankfully this meal came with a huge platter of rice that it would have been fun to eat with our hands. 
(but nooooo we were in the hotel so fork and knife please! LOL!)

To end it all, we were able to try out these lovely velvet cake slices that tasted like chocolate! YUMMY!

 The following day, SO and I woke up pretty early! We were hitting the buffet table around 6:30am.
Hungry Birds get first dibs on everything!

 Assortment of bread and cereal.
 Waffle, pancakes and Champorado
 To accompany your meal, there different flavored juices are available and of course coffee or tea.

Now let's move on over to the Good Side!
 Steamed fish with capers
 Burger Patties with mushroom sauce- Jolibee anyone?
 Roast Chicken!! More Rice Please!
Veggie Gratin- I got fooled with this. Yes it was cheesy goodness but why does it have to be veggies inside!
I tried to go for the cheese but no!!!! There were still veggies!! ARGHHHH!!!!!
 BACON! - These were crispy and long! Think the diameter of a plate! GRABE!!

Aside from these, they had salads, make your own noodles and omelet.

Honestly speaking, F CAFE isn't as big or as jaw dropping as other buffet places in town. BUT, it does give you that sense of fulfillment. If you are up for a quick bite, they definitely can serve whatever you want. They try to go above and beyond in service. The kitchen is open 24/7 for in house gets so they can have room service.
During our meals in the hotel, other guests were asking for this and asking for that, and I did see that the staff was very responsive and tried to give in to their wishes. This is what I like about F CAFE, they do what they can to please their patrons. 

If you want a super duper awesome meal , feel free to go out and check the different dinning establishment nearby. That is what the location of F1 HOTEL is for. But, if you are just someone who is too lazy and loves the simple things, try F CAFE. They won't disappoint.
 Keep an open mind and maybe you might just like them and the experience.

3rd Floor, F1 Hotel, Bonifacio Global City

Disclaimer: I was invited to check out F Cafe and F1 Hotel. Thank you very much Pau and Boss S. I wrote this post based on my experience.
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  1. I didn't know that Bringhe is a Kapampangan dish! (How do I pronounce it?) Wow, it's great that we have our very own paella version to boast. It's really delicious. I love your photos. Very vivid, as always. :)

    1. Hahahahaha thanks roch.... uhm it is BRING then HE .... it is kinda like paella but a bit more on the sticky side...