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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Loads of Chinese food left and right. I don't know what to do. Choices ranged to the hundreds! WOW! KING CHEF DIMSUM KITCHEN knows how to please the foodie in each of us.

 On a chill day, a few friends and I were invited to try out KING CHEF's DIMSUM. They have transferred to a new location in Banawe but still serve the same amazing dishes.
You enter a chill and relaxed environment. You are given a pen and asked to pick items from the menu. Literally, straight to the point Chinese Food!
After ordering the lot, I was pretty stoked.
 I actually did not know how to attack a spread like this. There were a lot of choices and you can't really get and taste everything.
I took note that it was pretty amazing that as the dimsum are already priced reasonably, they have them marked down furthermore during promo hours. When going, better give them a visit during these times: Morning Tea Time (8am-10am daily), Afternoon Team Time (2-5pm daily) and Late Night Tea time (9-12mn daily).
I can only take note of so much, but these are the standouts for me. 
 The XIAO LONG BAO (150Php). It was pretty good but could be better. I couldn't complain though as the price made it worthy of a try.
 Next up was the CHUI CHOW STYLE KUCHAY DUMPLING (95/62Php). I am thankful that I gave this baby a try. Although, I am not into Kuchay (eeeek), it wasn't stuff to the point of veggie overload that I enjoyed this quite well.
 Another must try would be the the BIRD'S EYE DUMPLING (110/68Php). First bite and I knew there was prawn here. The flavor is quite similar to hakaw but this could stand on its own.
 Heading on over to the Fried Department (LOL!), I pretty much enjoyed the HAM SOY KOK (95/62Php) ~ lower left.
 A little stick inside with pork fillings. I didn't expect to love it but I did. Yummy!

 The CRISPY DUCK WANTON (120/68Php) was a crowd favorite. It was mine too!
Duck filling in this crispy wanton made me jump with joy. Although sweet, it was savory. 
 Moving on, I enjoyed the FRIED FIVE SPICED SPARERIBS (140Php). Dad would love this as he can't get enough of spareribs.

The PECKING CHICKEN RICE (190Php) would be my choice for a complete meal as it is chicken cooked pecking style.
 For noodle lovers, their BEEF WANTON NOODLE (190Php) is a great choice to warm up the tummy!
 The BOLA BOLA CONGEE (130Php) was a treat for me. I don't really like eating congee or the like but, I enjoyed this flavorful wet rice dish. I don't know why but I couldn't stop getting another spoonful. Definitely great for the rainy season. 

 Of course dessert has got to be one of those instances that one must really love especially in Chinese Food.

 One would think that these mini PUMPKIN ROLLS and CARROT ROLLS (90/62Php) would taste like the veggies themselves but they didn't. These fooled us right from the get go. It was similar to Buchi as the insides were sweet.
 The MANGO BALLS (85/62Php) were a nice treat to end the meal. These gooey mochi like balls helped in taking out the umay. It had some mango filling inside while had coconut shavings outside.

Definitely a place to have an affordable Chinese meal, KING CHEF in BANAWE would help ease all your dimsum cravings. Be it early in the morning or late at night, this place knows how to handle your dimusm needs. Budget around 300-500 per person and you would really be happy about it!!! Would definitely be back!

2/F 238 Banawe Center,
Banawe cor Panalturan St.,  Quezon City

DISCLAIMER: Was invited to try out KING CHEF. Thank you so much to the kind people behind King Chef and also to Boss S for having us. Wrote this based on my experience.
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