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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I was lucky to have been able to attend UTT at the Rockwell Power Plant Mall Recently. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and hungry tummies. 
Saturday. I was dead asleep when Boss S suddenly advised me to attend. At first I was a bit apprehensive as I had a date on. Thankfully, our driver was game and I was able to steal him for a couple of hours. Thus, I was able to meet up and check out the up and coming awesome food vendors and restaurants to eat at in the metro.
ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 2014 is a foodie event where everyone is able to try out and sample small sizes of excellent dishes, drinks, dessert and a lot more. You are given a passport where you write down your opinions and give them a score. Being able to try a lot of dishes for just 600Php is a steal!

Sadly, I wasn't able to try everything as I had only a few hours free. Here are some of the awesome goodies I was able to try out.
Right from the get go, I had a few cups of Nestle Juice Drinks. Different flavors and according to the guys manning the booth, these are the ones that some restaurant use. It is not for sale in the general public but rather they make if for the food industry. They can tweak the flavor and taste for you. Cool!
 Home Grown Organics is pretty neat and healthy. Fresh herbs are picked and is used to make awesome dishes. I was able to try out their mini pizza with organic arugula, kale and basil. SARAP!
 For something sweet, I went on over and tried Sweet Fevrier's KISSTACHIO which was a mix of oatmeal cookie, kisses and pistachio.
 I could eat this all day if only it wasn't sweet. LOL! #healthylivingkunyare
 A cheesy surprise awaited me with Bhe'st Lasagna.
 These gooey stuff are pretty darn good I tell you!
 MARLYN SALVADOR of WISE EATS MANILA is definitely the person of the event.

 Her Lamb Ham was hands down my favorite!!!
 A little salty to make you want more! Definitely YUMYUM!
 DULCELIN's RED RICE with Shrimp Shiso & Qual Eggs was a treat. Wrap it and pop!
 BELLY BOB'S Boneless Lechon Belly de Cebu was the complete package.
 Served with sisig!!! The only thing missing is RICE!

1) Suggest you get your tickets weeks before the event.
2) Try and make out a game plan. Go there early and walk or watch a movie in the mall then come back to cap the experience all off. Bring a pen!
3) Talk to the vendors. They may give you a bit of tips and tricks themselves when they make the products.
4) Make it a date. For 600Php per person, it pretty much is a steal.
5) Join the contest. Every few minutes, the organizers raffle off free stuff and even has some cooking and drinking games!
6) Enjoy the food and the company.

There were a lot of dessert booths, as well as drinks and interesting discoveries. Would definitely be back next year! I would like to apologize as I wasn't able to have a go at everything. There was simply a lot of vendors! Sulit ang 600 bucks :D

Congratulations to Sir Anton Diaz of OURAWESOMEPLANET.COM and to the  the awesome guys behind UTT! Awesome Emcee work Boss S! I had a wonderful time!

On a more personal note, I want to thank KTG for having me in their group. I can honestly say that this is a group of incredible people. I am not worthy of their presence. Naks =D. Seriously though, I am flattered and honored to call them friends and colleagues. =D. 
Maraming Salamat Po!

Power Plant Tent
Makati City.

Disclaimer: was invited to the event. Wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. It was great meeting you hear Mr. Jeng! Looking forward to more foodtrips with you soon po! He he he he!

    BTW, such a shame I wasn't able to try that Dulcelin Red Rice with Shrimp. I love pa naman anything with seafood, rice, and something you wrap up with fresh leaves! That pic looked awesome though! :)

    1. HIIIIIII po!! it was cool meeting you during the event.. I was actually surprised a bit but it was a welcomed one ^_^ .... uhm the red rice shrimp was amazing. Sarap niyang kainin ^_^

  2. Great pictures and awesome event! Yup, I do think as well that the PhP 600 is worth the price to pay to taste various kinds of food and engage with other food lovers. Sayang di mo naabutan lahat haha. Where's the Sweet Fevrier's KISSTACHIO being sold now? I want to try it. :)

    1. hey hey hey!!!!! uhm... you could check out their IG its @sweetfevrier ^_^ they got info on these babies 👍👍👍👍