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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

CIBO has been the most go to place for my family and I when it comes to quick, quality and affordable pizza pasta place.

So on one lunch date, SO and I had a filling meal prior to our movie date. Please forgive my inability to name the dishes and the drinks. I can't speak the language but I do know good tasting food. Quite hard to take note when I'm doing some munching around.  LOL!

To start munching, we got some CHIPS (155Php).
 Not oily but definitely a nice thing to munch on. The mayo dip is not your normal stuff. Salty yet has that thang to wake up your taste buds. (They sell this in packs for to go!)

My go to pizza was next.   PROSCIUTTO and PARMA Pizza  (390Php)
 Almost Flat Bread like, the dough was not over cooked and is a nice base for the prosciutto.

She wanted some pasta, so we had the  ALFONSO RIGATONI (365Php)
 Al dente is how I could describe the pasta. Creamy tomato sauce. Maybe they could add some more shrimp.

For drinks, she had POMELO (130Php)
 While I had  the GRAPES (130Php)
 One thing I liked about the shakes in CIBO, is that they allow you to customize it. I had mine with splenda rather than the usual sugary syrup. At another time, I had them remove the sweet component. YUMMY!

Definitely a go to place to have a nice lunch, snack, or dinner. Budget around 400-500Php per person. Amore!

2nd level
Shangrila Mall
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Paid for our meal. Wrote based on my experience.
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