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Friday, November 21, 2014

Guess what this is? Coffee? Syrup? Getting close... honey? Nah_uh!

As Filipinos, we can't live without the sauces in our lives. I mean, when was the last time you ate something that it felt dry? It's either we get a little soy sauce for our broth based dishes or even ketchup for the fried ones. We always must have kick in our food to make it more interesting. We never liked bland food.
  For a few months now, I have been hearing of this food find. In the office, my workmates would talk about orders and different flavors that got me thinking and interested.

I got a little curious and asked what the fuzz was all about. Lloyd and behold (pun intended), I was able to befriend a young entrepreneur, Lloyd de la Victoria. According to him, he started all of this because he wanted to help a friend. His friend wasn't really into local cuisine and had an inkling to spicy dishes so he tried making something simple. Unknown to him, he was on the path to creating LILO's CHILI SALSA.

After painstakingly, grinding and making the condiment manually, he found something that tasted awesome and different. It definitely was the spice that he needed in life. So one time, he brought the stuff to work for his personal consumption when the aroma enticed fellow coworkers. Even if it wasn't really for sale, a lot wanted to try it out and because of word of mouth, he was forced to make some more and as they say, the rest is history.

Thankfully, I was able to try a few of his creation before he resigned from work. Since I enjoy trying out new things, I figured why not. I know that CHILI based dishes would make my tummy go ouchie at times but this is something special.

One try and I knew it. It actually isn't that hot but the chili salsa gives a different dimension to the food that we all love. It makes the food more enticing to some and brings it on a whole different level. Not just that, I also like that chilis help in metabolism and have medicinal properties like let's say getting your cholesterol down and help decrease stomach ulcers. Yes, I didn't know that too. They help kill bacteria and assist in stimulating the cell linings of the stomach to create buffering juices.

So what is this all about. From the ORIGINAL, to BASIL, to LEMONSITO and NAM PHRIK, 
The original flavored salsa is the most neutral flavor of all. You could mix this with everything. Needless to say, this one is the hottest of them all. My mom originally took it for BURO or fermented rice but one taste and she knew it was something different.
Because of Lloyd's love of pasta, he incorporated BASIL into the salsa.
The basil flavor would be something like your pesto. Incredible with your everyday chips as dips or as Lloyd does, pasta.
The CHILI LEMONSITO is for those that aren't that into spicy dishes.
The citrus flavor helps mask the heat. The aroma lures you in for more and you just find yourself wanting.
Something unique is their NAM PHRIX flavored chilis.
This is foreign for us Filipinos. But for people in Thailand, this is their "soy sauce" which could be found on their dining table every single meal. As such, the Nam Phrix was inspired by Lloyd's travel to Thailand. He got curious with it and figured it would be great to mix it in. It gives that smokey and dried fish flavor to the chili.

What's next for LILO's CHILI SALSA? I heard they're developing something new. To the tune of KUAH  MADU. I don't know what it is, but from what I gathered it would mix that honey taste to something that equal to a satay flavor. 

More than a condiment, the concoction could be used as an ingredient to dishes and even as a dip to flavored chips. I hope and wish all the best for Lloyd and his venture. With only a few months in, it is incredible that he was able to branch out and help other people distribute this incredible condiment.

For orders feel free to contact
their Facebook page.

*** No artificial preservatives were used ***

Small bottle of 70ml is around 50-60Php
Big Bottle of 180ml is around 130Php

Disclaimer: wrote this post based on my experience. Lloyd was an office mate and had sent on over samples for me to try out.
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  1. Interesting products. Awesome giveaway to people who love spicy food as well. :)

    1. YEP michy... its a food find... ^_^ not that expensive too ^_^ Happy FRIDAY te!!!

  2. sarap ng lilos chilisalsa nakakagana talga yan i assure u that

    1. Yep ^_^ it does .. thats why i love eating it with rice hehehe