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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SHINE BAKERY & CAFE is not really a new kid on the block. Over a year into it, the cafe is looking into a menu revamp.

SHINE BAKERY & CAFE is one of those restaurants that aren't found at the basement nor the top floor. That is how good it is. It can stand on its own. I was thankful that I got a message from Richie asking me to try out the new dishes that might make it out a few weeks back.
I will be honest here as saying that I got lost. A guard informed me that it was located at the same level as YABU, TODD ENGLISH and even Ramen NAGI. I strolled around for a good 15 minutes looking for it, when someone informed me that it was on the 3rd floor of the mall. Gosh!

Almost an hour late, I asked for forgiveness but instead were showered with awesome food to try out. They are that great!

Even if it was a weekday lunch, the place was packed but I didn't care as my first instinct was to try the UMAMI FRIES (250Php) I heard a lot about this dish and I must say the stories were true.
The fries were savory and the seasoning to perfection. This is their best seller.

We were served with some salad to start off. Vinaigrette based. Not too sour nor salty.
Needless to say, I kind of stayed away from it being veggie and all.

For cheese lovers, they got this appetizer where it seems that a lot of cheesey gooeyness were mixed in.
A little salty, so a small dab would do. Now if only they offer unlimited refill of the bread.

What I initially thought to be a sort of flat bread pizza, well it wasn't.
The crust was a little flaky while the toppings were meaty and has sort of cheesy sauce tucked underneath. It wasn't salty quite the opposite. It had a touch of sweet in it. A must have.

Another incredible creation was this savory pie.
I skipped the veggies but this triangular piece of masterpiece knows no boundaries in the realm of creaminess and cheese..
Crispy top coupled cream filled fillings. A little heavy but wouldn't hurt to try. 

For pasta lovers, they were experimenting with two kinds. 
One bare. Plain pasta and creamy sauce.
While another, everyone's favorite, in my honest opinion, is the one with small bite sized bits of meat aka pork aka bacon (I believe.. sorry was busy munching)!
Another delight to eat was this adobofied pork belly. It was served with pumpkin mash and rice pilaf on the side.
The meat was salty but not too much. It was also very tender and moist. A winner in my book.

For dessert, we had the PANNA COTTA.
Silky smooth texture like no other. Wouldn't mind slurping this down.
Another favorite of the group was the strawberry short cake.
It isn't actually short but the texture was soft and light. The fresh strawberries on top did kill us and sent us to food coma.
We can't end the meal without trying the TOFFEE PUDDING.
Served with caramel sauce and caramelized nuts. I liked how the taste wasn't overpowering. It wasn't super sweet to the point that you could stop eating but it entices you to come back for one more bite and another.

 SHINE BAKERY & CAFE has an interesting concept to it. The interiors and the food served jives together and wants to let the diners feel at ease when eating there. The fun side of the chef is brought out through their food and dessert. Budget around 500Php per person.

3rd floor SM AURA, TAGUIG

Disclaimer: was invited to try out their dishes. wrote this post based on my experience and opinions.
Please forgive me if I wasn't able to take note of the names of the dishes nor their prices. Some of them were experimental at the time and I am unsure if they are going out into production. Rest assured, MASARAP silang lahat and I am going back for a visit.
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