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Monday, November 3, 2014

Hidden away from the public view, PAPRIKA is waiting to be discovered because of its dishes and drinks. Pretty impressive I might say and with a price tag that is quite affordable since you are in BGC. They added a twists to the ordinary comfort food that would make you go back and look one more time.

Along with friends, we started off with some appetizers to get the ball rolling.
The BACON ONION MARMALADE BRUSCHETTA (165Php) gives a good bite.
The gruyere cheese was pretty much in cahoots with the bacon and marmalade to give you a nice bite into the meal. Not the veggie person like me? Do what I did. I removed the alfalfa to savor the bacon more.

If you want something that could give you more choices but with a lot of control, the TRIO DIP (165Php) is for you.
 Spinach, Truffled Mushroom and Eggplant Caponata dip along with a few toasted bread.

After chatting away, the group enjoyed the pasta dishes.
First one being was the ALIGUE PASTA (300Php)
Along with the coconut cream sauce, the Aligue or CRAB FAT blends well together. Of course not for the foodies with high cholesterol levels, I liked how their take gave it a rich bite. Deadly!

 Another favorite of mine was the BAGOONG PASTA (220Php). Incredible right? Very imaginative of the kitchen to offer this.
 The bagoong or anchovies sauce made the pasta dish unique. It isn't too salty mind you rather the hint of sweetness perfectly made it a hit.

For those who can't decide, the CHICKEN and WAFFLES (245Php) is a safe bet.
Breaded buttermilk chicken fillet with waffles.

The ADOBO OVERLOAD (305Php) would fool you. It did that to me but it made me a happy man. 
 You would think that the meat was burnt as the exterior was black and that it didn't turn out right. WRONG! It was well seasoned , that it reminded me of adobo. Accompanied with the adobo sauce, adobo mayo and the adobo rice, you won't wonder why it was named such. Yes ADOBO! Just to point it out, the meat was cooked to perfection and that it was moist and tender. LOVE!

Moving on, the ROASTBEEF PARES (225Php) is a dish I would take home with me.
  For rice lovers out there, who wouldn't know what a Pares is. They made use of roasted beef to make this old school favorite into something PAPRIKA would be proud of.

 The BABY BACK RIBS (295Php) is a steal.
 Pretty affordable with the meat tender and juicy. You won't got wrong with this.
Then all of a sudden,
We all went "Waaaaaaa" as the chef brought the dessert and tipped the bottle over.
This is the WTF or WHAT THE FUDGE (180Php)
 The chocolate soil spread all over the board. Presentation wise, this makes the mark.
The taste even more. Layers of dark and white chocolate ganache went well together especially since there was coffee jelly on top. YUMMY!
   I got to appreciate that the restaurant focused on having a few great desserts than offering a lot of mediocre ones.

Along with the food, I can definitely see people going here to enjoy the alcoholic beverages too.
I was able to witness their bartender make some incredible drinks from premium liquor. The only way to make them.
 We were served a number of specialty cocktails that would make anyone happy. Unfortunately, I couldn't handle them  anymore so I only took note of the first few that were served. Trying to tone down on the booze you see. But you know what? PAPRIKA offers a lot!

 SMORES (225Php) - marshmallow vodka, baileys, wipped cream, marshmallow, graham cracker.
 Definitely on the sweet side.
The GEISHA (285Php) Midori, Cointreau, Lemon Juice

They even had an OLD FASHIONED made with bitters but instead of citrus, they used lychee.

Aside from these, they had us try, LA PLAYA BARCELONA (305Php), The B-52's (285Php) with milk and cream and a hint of cinammon, JOHNNIE'S GIRL (295) something for the scotch lover, GOLD MINE (375Php), and I believe something unique the BACON & EGGS (375Php) made with Jameson, Fresh Lemon, Egg White, Bacon and Vanilla Smoke. Intriguing right?

Even if the kitchen is cramped, you would be impressed by the young staff PAPRIKA . They made this imaginative and tummy worthy grub that could let you enjoy the night away.  Don't be fooled by the small interiors. Remember, you are here for the food and the drinks and that is what matters most.

2nd Floor
RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Tower 25th and 26th Streets,
M-F 10am till late
SAT 5pm till late
SUN 10am to 5pm
Disclaimer: Was invited to try out the food. Wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. Wow! All the food here have me salivating now. I just had lunch but I suddenly felt hungry again haha. I would definitely order the WTF and Smores. I bet those two look interesting on the picture as they are in actual. :)

  2. I really loved the WTF its a nice way to end the meal. hahahahaha ^_^

  3. I was browsing my Instagram feed this morning and I didn't know that Daddy was also looking at my phone screen. When your photo of the bagoong pasta came up, he was like..."ano iyan? mukhang masarap ah!" I told him it's bagoong pasta and even though he's vegetarian, he was intrigued to taste it haha. Yes, that looked delicious!

    1. hahahahah thanks roch and thank you also tito ^_^ I will take that as a compliment hahahaha but seriously it is yummy!!!

  4. My previous comment wasn't posted. IDK why. :\

    Anyway, the desserts and the cocktails got me intrigued. :)

    1. really??? baka di kumagat michy! hehehehehe... yeah the dessert and the drinks! alcoholic ka pa naman

  5. Huhu! Bitter pa rin ako 'cause I still can't eat most of these food.. :( The bagoong pasta and the adobo overload make me crave so badly!!! And wow at the WTF! Would love to binge on that when I'm able na! :D

    1. Sumi!!!! get well na please so that we could go out na !!! Super duper we miss you na ^_^

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