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Thursday, October 30, 2014

 Rice with meat (and a little veggie) is what a complete meal is. Simply put, it is the the best thing a foodie could ever want. Place all of them on a hot sizzling plate and it gets cooked to your liking.  PEPPER LUNCH makes sure that you get this plus quality while not having to pay an arm and a leg.
On a lazy Thursday lunch, a few friends and I got invited to try out the new stuff from PEPPER LUNCH. It was actually my first time visiting the place. Although I have seen the restaurant popped up into different places, I have never tried it out till then. Given that it was a work day, I noticed that a lot of patrons are visiting the restaurant even if its in the basement level of the Shangri-la mall wing.

Happy Me, that I got surprised. We were all getting try the LAMB!
Lamb is one of those meat that I enjoy. Ever since I tried it out when I was in Grade 3, I had an affinity towards it and always looked for it in a buffet spread.

 First up was the LAMB PEPPER RICE (249Php)
My type of meal. Generous serving of lamb placed around the rice.
You could really taste that specific flavor to lamb. If you feel it needs a bit more seasoning though, you could try adding up the special sauces PEPPER LUNCH has for you.
 STEAK SAUCE (salty soy like sauce) and the HONEY BROWN SAUCE (sweeter version).

 If you seem a little more adventurous you could try the ITALIAN LAMB STEAK (299Php)
 The LAMB meat was marinated with herbs and oil. Needless to say, I stayed away from the "white pasta like veggie" unknown to me and enjoyed the corn to go with it. This was more flavorful for me and I enjoyed this dish more. 

The LAMB STEAK PROMO would start on NOVEMBER 1 and would last until the end of the year. It would only be available in PEPPER LUNCH restaurants and not the express versions. Budget around 300-400 Php per person and bring a friend as this meal is enjoyed with someone you love.

Various branches around the Metro

Disclaimer: Was invited to check out the new Menu. Wrote this based on my experience. Thanks a lot RJ for having us.
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  1. Lamb is like my bacon in my current diet! :D Will definitely force the bf to eat at Pepper Lunch this weekend. I need my lamb steak! #cheatmeal #alamna

  2. Oh my sumi!!!! Bacon!!!! Hayyy looking at your igs and fb posts makes me want to try your cooking!!! Galing galing eh hehehe!!! See you soon!!!