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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It was a surprise party like no other. So I didn't want to skip it. It was for
KTG's Bossman Spanky after all. 
The cake says it all. RAWR! His favorite experession.

The plan was all set. Under the pretense of a tasting event at RAY and LOVE LYNNE's place (of, the group lured SPANKY to this little birthday surprise.

The meet up time was around 6pm so that we could prepare and be there before Spanky arrives. 
Mama Bear of  brought SALMON CAVIAR PIE from GRACEY'S Kitchen
Incredible dip! Partnered with Melba toasts and you would definitely have a hard time stopping!

PANCIT from Lola Indang's c/o Eric and Jazz of Ericjaz Foodies.
RAY was awesome as he cooked MOUSSAKA. I had to google it just to know what it was. It was like lasagna without the pasta component.
The dish was really creamy and meaty. YUMMY! I just think I had a man crush.
We were also able to try out CHEF PATRICK'S KITCHEN (facebook) party trays that Richie of the Pickiest Eater in the World brought with him.
 The Cha Misua is something I would like to slurp on but there are more dishes to try. Hinay hinay lang!
The SPARERIBS were pretty darn good. You could put this side by side to different restaurants and you would be surprised with the taste and the quality.
Salt and pepper for the win.

ROASTED CHICKEN. Moist and juicy.
PRIME RIB. Delicious and Tender. My meat favorite of the night.
Sweet and Sour Fish! Although, I'm a pork version fan, I enjoyed this dish.
There were also a lot of pizzas and chicharon and I brought some BBQ too.

The moment of truth arrived. Everyone was all tucked away and trying to hide with Richie spear heading it.
He was that close to not going. Good thing he still went!
Of course with talented people like Richie and Chuckie Dreyfus in the group, they were able to make an AVP of hot girls greeting SPANKY.
I can't post the video because there are some parts that are R-18.. and yes it is because of RICHIE.
The group watching it.

Again, (belated) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS SPANKY from everyone in the KTG.
And again, thank you very much RAY, LOVE LYNNE and ETHAN for your hospitality

I just can't be happy enough to meet these awesome guys and call them friends. CHEER'S KTG.

Gracey's Gourmet Kitchen (FACEBOOK
Lola Indang's
BBQ =D from me :D and a loooot more... (drinks!!!)

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience.
It was a pot luck party =D and I truly enjoyed it.
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  1. Wahaha it was a great surprise party! I can see how happy he was (but not totally shocked naman?) based on his face on the picture. And ohh nice pose, Richie! Those are awesome food for potluck. The salmon caviar pie looked especially savory. :)

    1. Uhm that was the dumbfounded look hahahaha . He wasn't really thinking about anything ^_^ uhm as for richie ... Well you know him ! Hahahahaha ... Definitely the caviar pie is the bomb! ... Now if only I got to steal the leftovers hahahahaha