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Thursday, December 4, 2014

PIES. I am not a big fan of it but if it is done right, my mouth would crave for this wonderful creation. It is but a simple gift to man. A meal all into itself. No fuss and great for on the go.

My knees lost all its strength when EUGE of Hefty Foodie and I were given the chance to try out THE SWEET STUDIO.
 You might not be able to see THE SWEET STUDIO right off the bat. BUT, this small bakery is a nice quiet nook in an otherwise busy neighborhood. 

Started off with some PEANUT BUTTER STUFFIES.
First looks can be deceiving. You would mistake this for one of those run of the mill cookies. You are dead wrong. It is something perfect with milk. The peanut butter taste hits your right smack in the face. It isn't overpowering though but it is definitely love! Do it the oreo way and dunk it in milk!

A slice of  MAD MUD CAKE was up. It was moist, not too rich but definitely good.

Pretty simple and not too sweet. Heavy on the chocolate flavor!

THE SEA SALT NUTELLA is a play on something sweet and salty.

Nutella lovers would rejoice with this creation. Meringue layers placed on top of each other with generous amount of nutella. Damn good if you ask me.

Green stuff? Yeah. OMGREEN TEA CAKE.
I had my apprehension about this since it being green. LOL! Green food would equate to salad and those veggies but not this. The crust part is chewy. I loved it. Although, the matcha flavor could be enhanced more and the frosting on top was a little too sweet for tea taste to come out.

Definitely a favorite of mine is their PECAN PIE ! If only this would be in their regular menu.
NUTS NUTS NUTS! I so love them nuts! Maple syrup and honey combined with these nuts definitely made my taste buds go gaga! YUMMY!

One of the things THE SWEET STUDIO is known for are their PIES.
WHY? It is the crust. The way they make it is pure genius. They have the right amount of flakiness and the butter taste is present. I could go on and on and eat the crust and leave the fillings to the dust but that would be wasteful. Besides, I love those too.

 First bite and it reminded me of RED RIBBON's version. A few seconds later, it melts in my mouth. YUMMY.

 This gives you that kick you are missing. It is a little spicy but not too much. Good for the fish lovers but for the tummy achers. LOL! Kidding aside, I enjoyed this one too.

 Even if I am not a veggie lover, this one made me love it. I know I know... It was so creamy and the taste of spinach wasn't overpowering so all I was thinking off was mushroom and cream. YUMMY veggie take on PIES!

I can see myself returning for a quick bite or a lengthy stay. Even if the place can only cater to around 10 diners, I could see the perfect use of space, design and love put into it. Budget around 200 Php per person. Parking is a little bit difficult but if you can, drop by and get your snacks for to go. I love it.

8 Jade Building, Unit 7, Santolan Road,
 Greenhills, San Juan City, Manila, Philippines
0999 883 4313

 Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience and post. Was invited to try out their stuff. I truly enjoyed my visit.
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  1. Their pies look perfect as gifts to relatives and friends this holiday season. Did the green tea cake taste strongly of green tea? I would love to have one that's spongy, moist, nicely textured and slightly bitter. I also have my eyes on the pecan pie as it's my first time to see that one. So unique! How about the prices of food?

    1. Actually, their prices are very affordable imho, the green tea needs a more oomphing to have that taste that we look for... but the crust and the base is a winner, The pecan pie is a winner roch! seriously! YUMMY stuff... if you have the chance you got to try them out...