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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It may have the stigma of being a sleazy place because of all the servers wearing skimpy short shorts and tank tops, but HOOTERS is a place to relax and eat incredible chicken wings.

After our vacation in Singapore just last week, So and I arrived in MANILA hungry and rawring to go. 

Since it was her first time going out of the country, I asked her if it was okay for me to do my post vacay ritual of going to HOOTERS. She gamely approved as long as there was rice.

The place is like any other sports bar. Open kitchen, huge LCD tvs and of course, staff wearing short shorts and sandos. Believe it or not, HOOTERS Manila is more reserved compared to other Hooters.

I was actually present during its opening week around 2008. I was with my college friends and tried out the place. There were actually some of the foreign staff there and we totally enjoyed. I had a picture with some of them but I will have to show this instead. 
L with one of the staff during their opening week. This definitely made his day. You are welcome bro. Yes I kept this picture.

When we got there, the staff was in the middle of dance. Usually during peak hours at night, they would deliver a dance number. Nothing too skimpy but actually entertaining.
 We just had a simple meal. Something my family and I usually have when we go here. Yes, I visit this place with my mom, dad, and bro. We enjoy having the food here and being able to watch some basketball on the big screen together. 

First up was the BURGER SLIDERS. 4 small burgers with cheese. The meat was awesome and the bread perfectly warm. We loved it.
 Usually, these would be served with curly fries. Unfortunately, I guess they had no stocks of it. Sad.

 Next up, we had 20 pieces of wings. Breaded. I had it half half just to be safe.
 10 Pieces hot. Not too spicy but would definitely warm up your appetite. 

Of course, I had the other 10 as medium so that she could play it safe.
 This is pretty normal stuff and is a baseline. Pretty neutral. 

One thing I enjoyed is that SO loves taking photos too. Although only through a cellphone camera, at least she had the same passion as I do when it comes to food photography.
 In all honesty, she was pretty jelly with all the girls around. She would tell me that my eyes would open up every time one would pass by and get close.

Since I don't know if she will go back with me to HOOTERS, I had her pose with our server Christine.

 Believe it or not, HOOTERS MANILA is a family place to go to. When we got there there were a couple of families eating with kids around. Yes, I go here with my family too. Although the food and drinks prices are a little on the high end, for me it is worth it. Budget around 600Php per person. Service is a okay and the staff are game.

SM MOA, BY the bay, Pasay City
Metro Manila

 Opens at 10 and closes by
12am during weekdays and 1am during weekends

If you are into vids of them dancing, they have it on their FB
 Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience and opinions. Paid for our meal.
Attached receipt also included my take out orders of extra sliders and 20 pieces chicken wings and of course drinks and rice.
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  1. Replies
    1. excuse me! sarap kaya ng burger at ng wings nila ^_^

  2. Madala nga dito si J! :D Been wanting to go to Hooters the first time I saw it, but was worried baka puro novelty factor lang and di okay ang food. Will definitely go na after reading your post though. Makahanap nga lang muna ng outfit na pwedeng isuot pantapat sa Hooter girls.... XD

    1. HAHAHAHA SUMI!! Nako! Magkakasundo talaga kami ni ATTY! Uhm.. its a good place to go to if you are into sports bar theme. Added na lang ung novelty pagdating sa servers nila in skimpy outfit. Never the less, I love their wings and their sliders. Although a little pricey, sulit for me and my family. A tip is for you to order a large amount of chicken wings and have it split into different flavors. Like if you aren't into spicy, get 10 medium and another 10 hot for your date. Pero, specify na 20 ang order mo para makasave ng konti. And of course, ask for the curly fries, when we went they just served normal fries. Hehehehe! If you are into exotic looking girls talaga sa gabi ka pumunta :D One last thing.. no need na sa outfit dear! Hotness level ka naman! Chos! Enjoy enjoy and have fun. :D :D :D see you soon Sumi!