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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The love date is coming and Chef Miko is definitely working out a sweat!

Located on the top most floor of CENTURY CITY MALL, SCOUT'S HONOR is one of the best places to get your dessert high. Chef Miko made a great deal of impression from having to head MAGNUM and now he is trying to expand his reach with SCOUT'S HONOR.
This Craft Cookie Shop has been a go to place for dessert lovers. You can even make your own cookie but they have awesome and delicious go to's.
Whether it be this delicious cream filled and imaginative desserts. 
Or to the usual looking yet incredibly awesome cookies. 
(someone wanted to eat that half cut cookie ahead of me)

This Lovey Dovey season, Scout's Honor wanted to have a little go with MERINGUE.
Simple as it is, they made it perfectly. It has that crunch that you would look for. It has a little treat inside too. A sort of filling. A surprise.

The best one to go for is this ROSE PRALINE.  It looks incredible. Perfect for the love month right?
According to the chef, Praline has been the go to ingredients for pastry chef in Europe. They go gaga over it.

Matcha lovers would rejoice as they made MATCHA BLACK SESAME.
Perfect yet weird combination if you tell me.

For the adventurous, the ORANGE POPPY SEED and ALMOND is the way to go.
Poppy seed. If you are familiar with it, you might say why. Chef says, why not? The texture helps in giving you something more. Seeds and almonds are just there on my snack list.

These meringue are available for the season of love and would change flavors and shape to surprise us. 

Please don't tell me that you haven't had a go with SCOUT'S HONOR. Perfect way to end a night with your love one. Sweet and brings out the kid in all of us.

inside HOLE in the WALL
4th Level Century City Mall.
Makati City.

Disclaimer: Tag Along with HEFTY FOODIE and was able to try SCOUT'S HONOR. Thank you so much Chef Miko for having us.
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  1. Does the rose praline really taste like rose? I'm in love with rose flavor haha. Do they normally serve all those cookies or these are available only this Valentine's Day? We'll be celebrating on Sunday and if we're near Century Mall, we'd proceed to this place. :)

    1. It is one of those dessert that says, PLEASE SAY YES. LOL! It has a hint of rose and the praline.. omg sublime! YUMMY! STUFF. Uhm these treats are available during the VDAY season but would transform into something else every season according to CHEF MIKO :D