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Monday, March 2, 2015

Excellent Japanese Food is a pain to search for when in ORTIGAS. Good thing, there is MARUFUKU. An institution in that part of town, MARUFUKU offers incredible Japanese food.

It was VDAY! Saturday. We were checked in at Marco Polo Ortigas (click here). The in house restaurants were all fully booked for dinner. Silly me, I thought they would give lee way to those checked in. Since she loves to walk, we figured to walk around the area to look for a place to dine.

After walking for 15 minutes around the Ortigas area, I took a gamble and brought her to MARUFUKU.
MARUFUKU is a Japanese Restaurant that I have been planning to go ever since. Unfortunately, the traffic and the off beaten path pushed me away. Since we were already in the area, I took a chance and went for it.
When we got there around 7, the place was filled with reservation notes on every table. Good thing the staff was able to accommodate us.
A few minutes more and it would have been a no-no. The place filled up real quick with people waiting already. 
We were led to the best seats in the restaurant. The bar. Here, we could see the kitchen and the things they do to the food. It was the perfect way to prepare the appetite.

Since it was my first time eating there, I had the staff suggest some dishes.

To start the meal, we had drinks.Since we walked around, I was a little flushed and needed a cold one fast.
 Lychee (120Php) and Matcha (180Php) shake. Unfortunately, they both fell short. The lychee was too sweet and the matcha was a little underwhelming. It somewhat tasted like milk with a hint of matcha. Next time, I would definitely go for Saki or maybe tea. 

Making most out of the experience, I watched with my eyes and dreamed with my tummy.
Started off with some grilled meat on a stick. Robatayaki or Robata or charcoal grilled skewers.
Knowing her, she ordered rice to eat with this simple yet filling dishes.
I noticed that this skewers weren't marinated much. Just dry rub of salt and pepper and some spices and it was placed on the grill. 


Boiled quail eggs with bacon. I liked to saltiness of the bacon. It is just like breakfast. Bacon and eggs.

BUTABARA SHIO or Pork Belly (85Php/ea)

Simple flavors. For the price, I won't complain.

Our favorite would be the GYUNIKU ENOKIMAKI (165Php).
Enoki Mushrooms wrapped with thinly sliced beef. The mushrooms gave it a different texture. She enjoyed this tremendously.

To try something new, I got the SALMON UNI OHBA ABURI (390Php)
Eat it with the Japanese mint leaves (ohba) or just the upper part.
Torched salmon and uni is an excellent pair. I liked it.

The MARUFUKU ROLL (645 Php) is a sight to behold.
Ebi Tempura, with Kani, and some veggies plus unagi or eel on top. It is a lot of flavors to digest and take in. This is a meal into itself.

The highlight of the night would be the KAKI MOTOYAKI (290Php).
Hiroshima Oyster is used. Huge and fresh.  Grilled and topped with miso and Japanese mayo then torched. This is the good stuff. This made the trip worth it. Admittedly, it is a bit too much to pay for but, I must say I will be going back for this.

and of course, one wouldn't go to a Japanese restaurant without having tempura.
For us, we got the EBI (470Php). Everyone's favorite.
5 pcs of huge shrimps. Properly cooked and deep fried. Yummy stuff!

We were too full from everything as such no more dessert. Honestly, we weren't able to finish the meal. The food is amazing and delicious. The quality is top notch but the price is a bit on the high end. Sitting at the bar was a great experience. Although the grill was right there, we didn't mind the smell because it was a sight to see.
Yes the place is a bit small, so I would suggest making a reservation just to be safe.Will definitely be back.

Crescent Building 29 San Miguel Ave, 1605 Pasig
Open from Monday to Sunday.
 Lunch 11:00 am to 2:30 pm. Dinner 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm.

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Paid for our meals.
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  1. Oh di ba Marufuku is super delicious! Sama ako when you return. hehehe. :)

    1. DUDE super ! i really enjoyed marufuku .... sarap

  2. Been eyeing on Marufuki ever since I saw this on Shoot First Eat Later, and now, ikaw naman nagtetempt saken to go here ASAP! :D Anyway, prices are pretty steep ah, considering most of the grilled skewers are per stick! BUT, since I love Japanese food so much, will definitely find the time to go here super soon. :) Btw, great thinking to bring SO to Marufuku! ;)

    1. Sumi!!!! marufuku is an excellent japanese restaurant. prices might be steep but they are worth it. Quality wise ! I love it. Uhm I just seized the moment becausew e had no plans for dinner lol! See you soon

  3. Waa this post just made me hungry and it's almost dinner time! The boiled quail eggs with bacon look super delicious. I'm sure that Daddy Richie will love this dish hahaha. The prices are pretty steep, but I think everything here is unique and a must-try! Marufuku is an ideal venue to impress a date. :)

    1. Wahahaha! Eating at marufuku could be a little pricey but the quality of the food is awesome. ... I hope that I did leave a good impression.