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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Reminiscing the past and bringing it back may not be a bad way to enjoy the Valentine Season.
Remembering how it ones was and how the good times were is a great way to enjoy a night.

OAKWOOD'S NOSTALGIA just brought sexy back and it is making you think back.
 Once you enter, you are welcomed by a harp player.  Lovely!

 If you are planning to have a semi power meeting or a secret rendezvous, they have fancy looking mini function rooms that is really sexy yet simple.
This is one is my favorite. As it is bright and lively.

 Since NOSTALGIA is a new make on their dining concept, they have made a new menu. Old favorites were present and they made new ones to entice everyone. 
I was able to try out their new offerings and let's see how it went.

 The first on the menu is a Trio of Appetizers. 
 The pork belly was almost perfect. The terrine is the Chef's family's recipe. It was a bit neutral but the pickle helped to make the flavors pop. The winner here would be the puff pastry. The ESCARGOT is amazing. Something different from the usual butter and pesto plate, it is now in a pastry shell. I liked this very much. 

For us to be able to try a lot more dishes, they made smaller portions. 

Next up, we were able to try the CHICKEN SUPREME with MUSHROOM MOUSSE and the MACADAMIA CRUSTED SALMON FILLET with mini vegetables and Chardonnay Sauce.
 Most of the dinners fell in love with the salmon. It was perfectly cooked, moist and the macadamia crust gave it a different texture. I was actually impressed with the small pickled veggies as the sweetness was brought out from the mini veggies.. I don't eat them usually but I couldn't stop having them. 

I personally liked the Chicken more as the meat was cooked perfectly and the mousse made the dish bring more flavor.

To end the meal, we had the TARTUFO.
Shaped like an ice cream but believe me it isn't.
It felt like cream inside a chocolate cake with chocolate dip on the side.
 Lovely way to end the meal. 

The ambiance is excellent. Incredible service from the staff and the food is a way for you to remember the past. Great presentation on the classics. I love it.


In case you would want a place to stay for the VDAY WEEKEND, OAKWOOD is prepping for it. 
They are offering a promo stay.
You could avail of a suite for Php 8500 nett with a bottle of red wine & a romantic set dinner for two.
Not bad if you ask me. Cheers.

Level 6 Oakwood Hotel
ADB Avenue
Pasig City

Disclaimer: Was invited to the event. Thank you so much for having us. Wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. I felt nostalgic already with your photos. The place looks classic and dainty plus the food, ahhh!

    1. HEHEHEHE! Hi Joy :) ;) The Harpist says everything :D