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Thursday, March 26, 2015

GYOZA is the specialty of OSAKA OHSHO. It is their main man. BUT there comes a time something new pops up.

Every so often, as foodies we tend to look for something more. That is where, OSAKA OHSHO has been stepping up. They introduced something different. TEPPANYAKI. 

Over lunch a week or so back, I, along with some friends, were invited to try out their new stuff. 

I was actually imagining how it would be. I thought there would be a show by a chef or a table top burner but lucky me, they just did the cooking in the kitchen. I can never do proper cooking while eating. Not really my type. 

Anyway, off we go. 
Not really a TEPPANYAKI dish but the BLACK CHAHAN of OSAKA OHSHO is one of their best rice dishes. I really enjoy eating it. A little salty but it goes well with their dishes. Please get this when you go there. You will know why once you have a spoonful.

Then just like that, they started to serve everything. We had the PRAWN TEPPANYAKI (495Php)
Huge pieces of prawn that anyone would love to eat. Lightly seasoned to make the shrimp flavor beam out. Eat this quick as it might get rubbery if you let it cool of.

 BACON CUT PORK BELLY ASPARAGUS (250Php) is an easy favorite. The asparagus makes each bite crunchy. Although I am not a fan of veggies, wrapping it with pork belly had me enjoy every bite.

With bacon you can never go wrong, so they also had the SALMON BACON (370Php)
Sweet sauce with each bite. Add a dash of lemon and boom, it is a different dish. Thank you Bacon.

Another easy favorite is the MIXED MUSHROOM and BACON (310Php). Yes, it is because of the bacon.
Made with different mushrooms, the mouth feel makes it a joy to eat. It uses shitake, shimeji, and eringi with some asparagus to help it become crunchier.

and now to the more healthier stuff.

 SAKANA MATSURI (420Php) is a play on seafood. Different cuts of fishes were cooked teppanyaki style. 

Pink Salmon, Blue Marlin and Yellow Fin Tuna. Not really a fish person but I did enjoy trying it out. Look ma, I'm getting healthy.

MIXED SHELLFISH (325Php) is another one to go for. I would easily pick this for my seafood dish.
Generous serving of scallops, mussels and clams. Yummy stuff! The trick is, to save space in front of you so that the staff could place this dish there. This is what you do to get first dibs. 

 IKA SUGATAKI (250Php) is their way of getting squid done. Although this dish is a bit spicy. I did enjoy it with a lot of rice. 

and to culminate the meal, the SAKE BEEF (330Php) should be your ender. Sliced beef seasoned and seasoned with sake with a lot of garlic and butter. Damn it is great with RICE and more RICE!

These new dishes were added to make the OSAKA OHSHO's experience fuller. I enjoyed the TEPPANYAKI dishes as they give a lot more choices for the dinners. Anything with bacon should be ordered and also the mixed seafood is a steal. Go for that too. 
Will be back with my family to try this with them.

3rd floor
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience and views. Was invited to try out OO's new offerings
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  1. Ang gaganda ng kuha oh! It was nice seeing you again, kuya. See you again soon! :)

    1. Thanks... :D :D :D they can still improve.. kulang pa ako sa practice :D