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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It was just that. Start of another chapter in life.

Maginhawa St., is the place to go to when looking for up and coming restaurants. It is known as the food street in quezon city. One of the best places to go to for a food trip. My go to place there would have to be BREAKFAST and PIES. WHY? Because I love breakfast food. 

BREAKFAST and PIES is from the creator of PINO, PIPINO, and even BACKYARD. (check my experience here, here , here ).

I don't know but their COUNTRY FRIES is something . Every time I go there, this is my go to snack.

Fries done right with a side of spicy dip. I liked it.

For egg lovers, the SKILLET FRITATA is the way to go. Better than an omelet, because it has everything you would every wanted. This is the better deal. Bigger and better.

Their ULTIMATE BACON RICE needs more improvement.  The bacon slab was a little dry but the bacon jam is a genius way of making it better.

The EGGS BENNY is something for the indecisive. The eggs were runny inside while in soft boiled formed.

The bacon is just that bacon. Not on the crunchy side but pork goodness.

The CARAMELIZED SPAM is a genius. HUGE loads of spam that is sweet with egg properly cooked. Thank God. I just hate it when they over cook the eggs.
The amount of spam is good for two. The small piece of kimchi underneath the egg helped in giving another dimension to the taste. and yes, you need to order extra rice.

and for less guilt. Go for the SUGAR FREE APPLE PIE.
a lot of apple slices made for the better. I loved it.

Choco chip cookie.... just like that..
It was my last day at work. My last hurrah. Another bite of the cookie done.  
Another part of life to move into. Let's see what happens.

 Enjoying my last day of work with good food. Eating breakfast food is the way to go to comfort the soul and the tummy. I enjoyed every bite of it. When an old chapter ends, a new one starts.
Sorry for the random thoughts but you know what.. I enjoyed it. 

7am to 10pm 
39 Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Paid for our meals.
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  1. OMG all of these are sinful yet delicious, especially the country fries which I'm craving for right now! Hey, I am excited about whatever that will come across your path. :) For now, it's best to just enjoy your vacation time and attend more food events while you're free haha.

  2. definitely roch.... another way to start it up in the day is to have these dishes.... thank you also dear... no worries im just enjoying the ride

  3. I still haven't tried this place yet. Sama mo naman ako dito minsan. hehehe. :P

    1. seriously hahahahahahahaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude.... next time hahahaha basta libre moko hahahahahha