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Thursday, May 21, 2015

NACHOS, BURGERS, MARGARITAS and more. These are the things that come into my mind when CHILI'S is being talked about. 

On a Saturday, the KTG, gathered up and had a lunch "surprise" for Joan's Baby Shower! Abet aka the foodalphabet aka the happy husband was in cahoots so we were not worried at all. We figured that we needed a nice cool place for this to happen. CHILI'S was kind enough to provide it.

Since the celebrant was not yet there, we went on ahead and tried the new stuff CHILI'S had to offer. 

PULLED PORK CORN CAKEs (325Php). This mini pancake like dish is a stroke of genius. Putting pulled pork on top with some onions made it a joy to eat. Just don't smell my breath though.

For healthy eaters , the ANCHO RUBBED TILAPIA (425 Php)was served. This fish dish has that twang to enhance tilapia's flavor.

For the big boys... like me. 

I enjoyed the next few dishes as well.


and the SMOKE GARLIC SIRLOIN (845Php).

My brother loves ribs and steak and I can imagine him ordering both dishes all for himself. The ribs were tender. The steak was pretty soft and was a pleasant surprise.
For dessert, we were served the APPLE BERRY COBBLER (325Php)
 Interesting to note, their ice cream takes a while to melt. Because of this, I enjoyed eating the berries. Both contrasting hot and cold for me. It wasn't that sweet and fruits are healthy right?

After an hour or so, the guest of honor arrived.
 Here's Joan!!!!!
 Mr. and Mrs. Lim
 and the photobomber on the side.

It was fun seeing her smile and open up our gift. 

Irene of Indulgence by Irene also had brought mini cheesecakes!!! These are love!!!! Check her out on 
her facebook page . She brough Kalamansi (my fave), Ube, and Corn. I soooo love her cheesecakes! 

We were also glad that Bohemia Cakes & Pastries were able to send a cake on over. 
This beauty was perfect for the soon to be mother and father.  Check out their facebook page here.

Also another surprise was the giveaway. These beautiful and cute orbs were made by SHORTS GOURMET MANILA.
This whole thing is actually edible. Its made with the same stuff you have on cakes. 
Inside are short breads. Definitely a crowd pleaser and an awesome giveaway on any occasion. 
Check them out at facebook .

CHILI'S is one of the go to places of my family. Be it for a quick casual lunch or a snack with drinks in tow. I love that they are affordable specially for the price and the quality of food they serve.  Good for sharing, this is a place to go to with the gang. They also got unlimited alcoholic drinks so get ready for happy hour. Will definitely go back.

26 Missouri St. cor Nevada
Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila.


Disclaimer:Was iuvited to this event. Wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. It was a great surprise party for Joan! Haha I'm so happy for her. :) Wow, Irene now has mini cheesecakes! They look so adorable. The cake with the bear holding the balloon is so cute, too!

    1. yep yep yep Joan was pretty surprised... and those mini cheesecakes are amazzzing ...

  2. That looks like a super pretty baby shower! :) I haven't been to Chili's for ages and this post just made me crave for their burger. T_T

    1. chilis is pretty cool specially for their 150 burger day... now thats awesome!!!!

  3. grabe i love chili's! i've been eating there a lot lately haha XD