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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"It's Miller Time"
 This says it all. If you are familiar with REGGIE MILLER, you would know what this means in basketball. Now think BEER. Yes exactly the same thing.

Entering 71 Gramercy has never been so swanky as this bucket of joy greets everyone.

The party started early as everyone was left in awe. With bottles of MILLER beer being opened left and right, you can't help but remember your younger yesteryears. I must be getting too old for this ****.
Old as I might be, I definitely enjoyed this premium beer. It goes for that German Style Lager brewed and bottled in the Wisconsin. Yes, Miller is coming back to Manila. This time around straight from the US.

It tastes light and oddly enough, after 7 bottles of beer, I could still walk a straight line.  Make no mistake, this MILLER could go for bust as it keeps you going all night long. Party people would definitely love this.

 As the night was getting along, party goer and lifestyle icon, TIM YAP welcomed the crowd.
Everyone started dancing and enjoyed the night away...

 Sexy is as sexy does. For me, that is MILLER.
 Last one.. After my last one...

I enjoyed so much that I couldn't help taking look at the view... The beer, the company, and now all I need is the girl. Good times.

Can't wait for the local bars to get wind of this and start selling them. Remember, beer bellow zero. That is the way to go to properly enjoy this one. MILLER GENUINE DRAFT is here to stay. 



@ 71 Gramercy

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to this event. I would like to apologize for these pictures as I know they're not that good. It's difficult to take some great shots when you party. Thank you very much to Yen Dreyfus of and Sir Jun for the invite. Awesome to drink with you guys: Donny of Burgers and Brewskie, Gerry of dude for food , Pepe of Pepesamson , Eric and Jaz of EricJazfoodies , Euge of heftyfoodie, and Chef Cecille of Silk Road.
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