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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

 BANG BANG BANG ... That's the way CHEF BOY LOGRO does it. Curios that I wanted to try out their newly opened resto.

I was late because we got lost. Me and my driver. FINE I was late because I was late.  Anyway, I was quite impressed with the setup when I arrived. The Wilson Area is somewhat known for having little parking space. Here you have 7 FLAVORS having a huge lot for cars to park at. A good first impression.
I was led inside and was advised that the buffet area was on the 2nd floor. Walked as I did and saw some inspired art work like paintings. The place for the buffet itself could easily fit around 150. They have small function rooms for small parties.

A little background on this, 7 FLAVORS is a new bakery, cafe and buffet place in SAN JUAN. It capitalizes itself in having something sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy, umami and astringent. Opened just last May 13, it started serving a variety of dishes.

But first. I needed to hydrate.

 Drinks are not the usual as they play with soda. Adding different fruit flavors. 
They also offer some shakes which are also interesting.

After having a cool one, I surveyed the spread. It wasn't as big as the other buffet places but it does serve some interesting dishes.

PUMPKIN FRITATA is something you don't normally see on any spread.

A carving station that serves ROAST PORK 


A cooking station that serves STIR FRY.
Other than these, they had some meatballs, chicken dishes, eggplant lasagna, tofu and other notable dishes.
 and a small dessert spread that served a few sweet goodies along with fruits.

and my plate.

Honestly, I was expecting a little bit more. The dishes are somewhat unique but I believe they could improve and deliver exciting new dishes. The service was great although once the people racks up, the wait staff needed a little guidance. I guess it's because they just opened. The dishes were refilled quickly. Patrons never waited on an empty dish. I guess for the price you are paying, this could be a good idea for a simple dinner place. No frills. Also, please note that drinks are not yet included in the prices. 
Hope this gives you a little idea on what to expect when you go. 

I might drop by again next time to check out their BAKERY. They got interesting dishes that I know I would want to check out. Cheers.

196 A. Mabini Street,
Addition Hills, San Juan del Monte

Disclaimer: Invited to this event and wrote this based on my opinions.
From the Facebook page of 7 Flavors. Discount applies till June14


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  1. Hello! Curious about 7 Flavors and stumbled upon your blog. Great review! Nice pictures too. :)

  2. Hi yella!!! Thanks thanks for the compliment... I haven't returned to 7flavors yet but I hope they improved ^_^ and made changes, cheers!!M