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Monday, May 4, 2015

 French Japanese Food? Weird concept but it actually works. At LE PETIT SOUFFLE, you won't really mind that the food is foreign for most of us. After all, you just have to try out the different things Chef Miko and his team planned and executed in this new restaurant.
Wait.. CODING!!!! Yes, I went to Makati not minding that my car was not allowed to go there.I just remembered this when my friends asked me , how was I able to get in Makati.

One step inside LE PETIT SOUFFLE, I figured it was all worth it. It is as if you are outdoors. Under that favorite tree, waiting for delicious food to be served.
From the start, I was blown away. 

On the left, YAKULT + GUAVA (375Php) was something familiar yet pretty weird. Deliciously weird.
On the right, STRAWBERRY + MINT + CELERY (375Php) is their kind of iced tea. Refreshing!
Since this has been the trend, COLD MATCHA LATTE with MATCHA SOFTEE (170Php)
 Matcha overload for everyone. Creamy. Cold.

For soup, they had the SWEET CORN POTAGE (195Php)

If you aren't into corn, they have ONION SOUP (220Php) and JAPANESE CURRY SQUASH (195Php).
The JAPANESE CURRY SQUASH is a standout for me. The squash was not over powered by the curry. It actually complimented it. Amazing.

SESAME CRUSTED TUNA SALAD (345Php). Seared tuna. The dressing was sesame wasabi. It went well with the salad.

MAC and FOIE (625Php) Macaroni with 3 cheese. Sharp cheddar, emmental and gruyere. Huge portions of foie gras right there for the taking. Cheesy goodness.

PANCETTA CARBONARA (355Php) Aged pancetta does the trick. A little smokey meat that works well with the fettucine.

For healthy eaters, they have the VEGETARIAN SOBA PASTA (325Php)

Simple yet filling. This soba dish is based on shoyu sauce.

For a quick snack, they also serve CROQUE MONSIEUR (375Php)
With Bechamel sauce, they used black forest ham and topped with gratinated raclette.

SQUID INK RICE (395Php)!!!! This baby right here, is one of the most delicious dishes I had that day. The rice isn't soggy. It has the right firmness. The squid ink flavor is there for the taking. Served with a lot of seafood, you will be pleased with this dish.

Something new on their menu, the CRISPY RAMEN CHICKEN (355Php)
Deep fried Chicken cutlets served with Shoyu ramen as breading. A tonkotsu- wasabi sauce and Buttery sesame sriracha sauce on the side.

A meal in itself, the JAPANESE BEEF CURRY SOUFFLE (525Php) is filled with strips of US BEEF short plate and japanese short grain rice. The curry sauce isn't overpowering.

PARFAIT are ice cream made better. They have different toppings that make them awesome and perfect for the summer heat. I was able to try out the
 MATCHA PARFAIT (220Php). I'm a MATCHA addict.
SALTED EGG CARAMEL PARFAIT (220Php). Salty yet sweet.
STRAWBERRY LYCHEE PARFAIT (220Php). Sweet and simple.

and as the name of the restaurant goes, they too serve souffle. These babies take almost 30 minutes to prepare. Also, they do flatten or pop if you leave it for awhile. So you better hurry eating them. Unfortunately, the flavors were a bit lacking. It is not as intense as I want it to be. It is a bit subtle.

MATCHA VALRHONA IVOIRE 35% white chocolate souffle with vanilla cream Anglaise (350Php)
and FRENCH VANILLA BEAN SOUFFLE with vanilla cream Angliase (300Php).

A dessert creation that is incredible is the VALRHONA MANJARI and MIXED BERRY SOUFFLE GLACE (325Php). Unlike the souffle, this one could stand on its own. Dark chocolate valrhona frozen souffle served with mixed berry compote.

Last but not the least, the VALRHONA GRAND CRUS (375Php). This is my favorite dessert. Not too sweet and just right. Although a little pricey, you must not deny yourself of this wonderful creation. Kudos to Chef Miko!
Layers of Valrhona chocolate. Araguani 72% flourless cake, caramelia 36% sponge. Dulcey 32% ganache and Equatoriale 55% ganache. Served with a vanilla bean creme anglaise sauce.

Honestly, the dishes are affordable for the quality. Although they need a bit of tweaking, LE PETIT SOUFFLE is a contender in the dessert category. Making great use of French techniques, CHEF MIKO has done it again. 

Don't be intimidated by the place. Have a go at it. It is worth it. 

3rd floor, Century City mall
Kalayaan Ave. Makati City

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out this restaurant.
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  1. This place looks somewhere far away from Makati. I really love how the design and decors as it's like being in a rainforest. :) The array of food served is very impressive. Did the squid ink rice leave black ink on the teeth or lips? The desserts are to die for! Whoa. :)

    1. I really thought that le petit souffle is different. exceptionally so!!! The squid ink rice didn't leave that much black in our mouthbut itwas really tastefully done. the flavors were spot on!