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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

RICHMOND HOTEL in SUIDOBASHI is the perfect hotel to stay at. Since our visit was mainly to go around Tokyo, we didn't need a pool or an entertainment center. Just a plain bed, washroom, and WIFI to make the stay comfy.

It was the middle of the night. We arrived around 9pm and Tokyo seemed mellowed down. All we wanted was a good night's sleep and a nice hot bath.

TOKYO DOME and "mall" beside it.

RICHMOND HOTEL in SUIDOBASHI is not really a budget hotel but more of an affordable tourist/business hotel. It is centrally located near train stations and has a 24 hour store right beside it. The fact that it is right in front of TOKYO DOME makes it a nice place to stay at.

Entrance is locked at 12 mn. You would need an electronic key card to swipe for you to enter.

We went straight up to the lobby at the 4th floor to get ourselves checked in.

The place was simple and the front desk staff was able to talk in English quite well.

To the right of it, you could hangout and wait for your tour guide.

After signing some paperwork and having our passport scanned, we were led to these ATM like machines. 
This is were we placed our key cards and paid for our entire stay.
 Don't worry, it gives the exact change!

We were told that our room was on the 5th floor. We were quite impressed because it was near the do it yourself laundry room and yet the room quality was perfect for slumber.

It was pretty small compared to Manila's hotel room but okay enough for Tokyo Standards.
 As we entered, there was a press on the left side.
 while a cabinet on the right with slippers, hangers and other useful things.  I noticed though that they don't have in room safes.
 After a door separator, a mini ref, huge flat screen tv, and a desk on the right.
 The television is huge! You could watch unlimited demand movies for only 1,000 Yen. SULIT!

The desk is pretty useful. It had sockets, phone and info sheets. WIFI was free and doesn't need any password. It was pretty decent clocking at more than 10MBPS

 I liked how they have a charger for everything as well as an ethernet cable.

Since there were 3 of us, there was an extra bed laid out. 

The head board had additional sockets and mood lights.

 Of course, I couldn't forget about the washroom. 
 The toilet was all right. Bidet is present. The seat is heated and hot and cold water from the shower. 
Unfortunately, the shower area is the same place as the tub.
 Toothbrush, comb, other toiletries were refilled daily.

 Even if the hotel room was a little small, it was all right for Tokyo standards. The sleep quality was A+. Added amenities like the do it your self laundry and a pantry area makes it value worthy. Having a 24 hour store right beside it and a mall filled with restaurants in front of it makes the place a logical choice. Not to mention that the railway is merely a 5 minute walk.

Richmond Hotel Tokyo Suidobashi
l-33-9 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 113-0033 Japan
Tel: +81-3-5803-2155
Fax: +81-3-5803-2166

8 minutes on foot from JR Suidobashi Station
5 minutes on foot from Korakuen Station

Disclaimer:wrote this based on my experience. Paid for our stay.
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  1. Wow, what I like about this hotel is that it's very convenient to travel around the city so it's easy to get around. The room looks complete with functional things you'd need in your stay. Do the staff in the reception area know how to converse in English?

    1. Very convenient and it was great to stay there...everything a traveler need was present. .... The front desk can speak decent english. Surprisingly , a lot of Japanese can speak English.... we talked to a few and most of them could speak English and direct us to where we were going.... pretty cool!!! I hope i could go back to Japan

  2. I think the place looks really good. I'm not really delicate when it comes to accommodation, doesn't matter if it's small, so long as it's clean and has a decent bathroom. That room is more than enough for me. And free WiFi! Sobrang saya!

  3. HI MARJ!!! Its actually decent and compared to other places in JAPAN the room in itself is already okay. The washroom is clean and quite interestingly, the hotel has only been operating for a couple of years, so everything is all right!.. WIFI is free and needs no password!!! UNLI WIFI!! and its super fast too! For the price we paid. super sulit!