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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

 You guessed it. We went to DISNEY SEA. Something different from the rest of the world is that TOKYO hosts 2 kinds of DISNEY. Disneyland and DISNEY SEA. 

Honestly, though, DISNEY SEA has that kind of mix feeling when it comes to themes. Yet, it is a welcome addition to the Disneyland Resort Family and a different choice from the other Disneyland. 

DISNEY SEA is located near the sea (duh) and as such you definitely need to use a car or some kind of public transportation to get there as it is far from the center of Tokyo. Take note, using a cab is a expensive so if I were you, listen to my 1st tip.

 TIP 1: WAKE UP EARLY and ride a TRAIN!!!
Thankfully in Tokyo, you are blessed with great public transportation. My mates and I were able to go here via the train.
 Don't worry, they offer one day passes that you could use to go back and forth. Yes, there is also an English menu on the ticketing system.

 Yiheee!! My first Japanese Train Ride!!!

When we were able to reach the main Disney train line, we were impressed with all the decorations relating to the season. Of course, a few line changes were in order just to get here.
 Since it was just Easter a couple of weeks back, they had a lot of egg decorations around.

As usual, they're trains have those Mickey windows and plush couches.
Forgive the selfie. Yes, it's a thermal jacket because it was freaking cold! 8 degrees without the wind factor.
and as such here is my tip 2:

TIP 2: PREPARE FOR THE WEATHER. Check the forecast. Japan's forecast system is pretty accurate. Dress for the occasion.

Since it was a bit cold (not exaggerating!!! Super cold ) and raining, I bought a poncho.  In hindsight, I should have brought my own since it was a bit expensive. They also have those small plastic ones but they are Asian size.

 Once you enter, you are greeted with this huge man made mountain.

 We arrived around lunch time so we just had our lunch inside the park.


Needless to say, the food were expensive and is not mind blowing. I would suggest eating outside before you go in so that you don't waste money buying food.

Shrimp Lasagna. Cheesy

 Meat Platter. The potatoes were munchylicios.

Roasted Chicken. Same thing.

And dessert. Raspberry brownie. I love the chocolate part.
 After having our full, the kids and I left the mothers and roamed on ourselves.

TIP 4: HAVE A PLAN!!! A few nights before, I downloaded the DISNEY SEA MAP and studied which ride I want to go for. I "memorized" the location of the rides and read reviews on them.

You can check out the map here. (click)

The first order of business was to go towards that huge mountain. It houses the

Sometimes rides could take up to 150mins or 200 mins waiting time. If I were you:


This is a FASTPASS attraction. Meaning, you could get a ticket stating when you should return and in turn you could be able have a faster line. This is a nifty and helpful ticket system. It's free in Disney Sea so no worries. I would suggest making use of this if a ride would be around 60 and up minute wait.
 While waiting in line for you to ride, you get to see some amazing photo op displays.
 Like this smoking rock and a cage filled with work stuff.
 The ride was interesting and wasn't that scary. 

Next up we went towards the LOST RIVER DELTA... Something to do with INDIANA JONES.
There are two important rides here.

 Temple of Doom!!!!

If the lines are really long, I would suggest you get a fast pass for one of them then go and line up for the other since they are just beside one another.

 Going towards the FUTURE, the STORMRIDER ride is something like a 4DX. You get wet and you move around in your seat.

 For me the best ride of all was the TOWER OF TERROR.
This is definitely a must go to attraction. I won't spoil it for you but you will go up and down!!! Nyahahahah!!!

Bonus tip: BRING A CAMERA. A small one preferable. We have these trips for memories but we can't remember everything. I brought a DSLR and its a bit heavy with all the walking around. Having a smaller one could do the trick. 

DISNEY SEA in TOKYO is definitely a must try. Although this theme park has a target audience of kids, my friends and I enjoyed it too. Be ready to try to understand Japanese as the language used in the rides are NIHONGO. Don't worry about the signs, they're also in English. This is a nice park for small kids and families. Thankfully, we didn't get to experience the long lines. I guess having a drizzle was a blessing too. So good luck and enjoy. 

Main English Website:

How to get there:

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Paid for our trip.
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  1. Haha thanks for all these tips. I'm sure I'll find them very useful in the future. Wow, you memorized the location of the rides! Awesome memory! :) From the looks of it, I guess Disney Sea is not only for kids but also for adults who are kids at heart. :P

  2. definitely!!!!! disney sea is for everyone with a young heart ... Thats sounded wrong but you get what I mean. LOL!!!! seriously though, having a good foresight and knowing the general direction of where the rides and attractions are is a big big help in getting around Disney Sea!!!!

  3. Thanks for the post. I just have a question, hope you can enlighten me;
    Is it true that Monopad/Selfie Sticks are not allowed inside Disney Sea?
    Have you seen people using it inside the Disney Sea?

  4. Sorry for the late reply @dimplesgon .... if memory serves me right, it's perfectly fine. Just as long as the video / photo is for personal use, i think its okay.